Zoomba Fitness – Find a Class and Start Burning Calories Today!

If you are bored of your usual gym workouts and can not see any results, chances are that you will soon give up. All the hard work that you did will amount to nothing if you stop working out. However, every problem has a simple solution and Zoomba fitness might be yours.

Zoomba is a revolutionary form of fitness which was invented by a Colombian celeb fitness trainer called Alberto Perez way back in the mid 1990s. It combines Latin dance moves with a lot of stretching, squatting and lunging which typically results in lots of calories being shed. The story behind the invention of Zoomba fitness is also quite interesting. Perez was an aerobic dance instructor and one day he forgot to carry the music he regularly tailed aerobics to. All he had were some Latin tapes and he quickly improvised a dance routine out of it for his class. That Zumba was born.

To add to this, the whole routine is actually fun. If you see a Zoomba class going on in a gym near you, you will notice the difference between those people and the ones who are trying to lose weight through traditional exercise. The Zumba guys will be laughing and smiling all the way while the regular gym people will have a completely opposite countenance. They will probably be extremely serious faced, running on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights!

According to trainer Tanya Nuchols, Zoomba involves a lot of toning movements, shaking and shimmying, which eventually adds lots of fun to the overall dance routine. Calories are burnt much faster because of intensive cardio vascular activities while the excitation aspect keeping you looking forward to the next class with more enthusiasm than before. Really, losing weight never got better than this!

"It's supposedly to be like a party," Nuchols said.

Alberto Perlman, had started the Hollywood based fitness company Zooma Fitness, along with Alberto Perez and entrepreneur Alberto Aghion. Within 6 years of Zoomba being actively marketed, more than 5 million people across as many as 40 countries have started learning and benefiting from it. To cope with this rising demand, as many as 25,000 teachers have been trained so far. The Zoomba fad is quickly moving outside gyms into independent dance studios and weight loss programs. More and more gym, dance and aerobics instructors are getting training in this distinctive routine so that they can introduce some refreshing weight loss techniques into their classes.

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