Zoom Teeth Whitening – How Does This Work?

Many of the products we consume on daily basis can lead to having yellow or brown teeth. People who also smoke can really damage the color of their teeth. However, there are now many methods available to help repair this problem. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is a new method of whitening your teeth that really works wonders!

What is the Zoom teeth whitening method? If you ask your dentist he could explain to you what it is, however this article is written in the attempt to bring some light into how the Zoom teeth whitening procedure works.

The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is a non invasive technique ran by your dentist or dental hygienist. When doing it, the professional will cover the gums, as well as the lips of the patient, to leave merely the teeth exposed. With a lip holder this can be done in a successful way protecting everything around the teeth. The purpose of this is to get minimal sensitivity and give the least discomfort to the patient while the procedure is performed.

After this is done, the dentist will apply a specific gel to the teeth. Once the coverage procedure is completed, the gel is melted with a Zoom light, allowing it to penetrate the enamel of the teeth removing much of the stains.

This light will stimulate the gel that contains hydrogen peroxide that penetrates inside the tooth surface. Through this process (which is repeated at 15 minute intervals of time) bleaching of the teeth starts occurring. Each time this is repeated (no more than 3 times) another layer of gel is applied, as the old one is melted.

After the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is completed, there are visual results that can be spotted right away. Some results may even reach a level that is 8 times whiter than the teeth used to be before. Being a non invasive technique, patients do not feel pain, but rather a tingling of some sort and some sensitivity to the teeth, which is not at all painful.

After this treatment, patients will immediately notice how their teeth have improved. They won’t only be whiter, but also very brilliant. This procedure can last as long as you keep on with your teeth brushing and flossing routine. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure costs somewhere between $300 and $800, depending on the dental clinic you visit for the procedure.

The Zoom tooth whitening procedure is one of the most popular procedures performed by dentists, and is recommended to anyone looking to get whiter, more brilliant teeth. Because it is so effective and lasts for so long (it can pass a year or so before you can go for another session), this is highly preferred by those who are in search of re-gaining their confidence which was lost because of bad looking teeth.

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