Ximo Health MLM Review

Ximo Health is a MLM business opportunity that has recently come under new control and is looking to re-launch. Erik Laver assumed control of the company on Nov. 1, 2010 and has a high pedigree in the network marketing industry. With his leadership and direction good things are sure to come. Here is a simple review of the products and business opportunity.

Ximo Health product line is quite simple and focused. They focus on one product called Golden Energy and it is formulated from natural ingredients and a selected blend of active herbs and extracts. It is designed to spark your energy, health and life from the cellular level while increasing your concentration, mental clarity and performance. One serving contains no calories and no sugar. It comes in a 16oz. bottle with a recommended serving of 2oz and is sold in 3 different package configurations, 15 bottles for $78, 24 bottles for $115, and 48 bottles for $230. It is free to sign up as a distributor and you do not have to be on auto ship of the product.

Ximo’s compensation plan is a multi-faceted plan that pays distributors four different ways. Distributors can either earn a commission on retail sales or from buying the product at wholesale and selling it for retail and keeping the profit. There are great start commissions paid on four levels for new distributors in your organization. Unilevel commissions on your organization up to 9 levels and range from 10% to 15% on purchases. Then there is also a global leadership bonus which is 3% of the company’s total revenue paid out to qualifying Ximo leaders each month. It is of your best interest to understand the compensation plan and know what it is going to take to be successful with this company.

Ximo Health is a legitimate MLM business opportunity that is looking to re-launch with an eye towards having a stronger network marketing direction. They have made it easier to become a distributor and if you have the skill set to market online this could be a huge advantage over just word of mouth marketing. This company has a great product and it is simple to market one product with the knowledge of how to effectively harness the power of internet marketing. If you do not have these simple skills they can be learned and with the right coaching and massive action you can find success.

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