What Makes Denture Implants Better?

Back then, the only way to deal with missing teeth was to use crowns or full dentures. Looking at your grandsparents and their dentures, or all those old people in TV and film, you probably dread the time when your teeth are all gone. There is a new method to replace lost teeth, though. Denture implants may give you the chance to make up for the lost tooth or teeth with something stronger, more natural looking, and these do not have the embarrassment of classic dentures.

A New Way For A New Age

Denture implants are built around a post made of titanium implanted into your jawbone. This post, which looks like the root of ordinary teeth, acts as the base for special, teeth-looking dentures.

Titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world despite its light weight. Jet fighters and tanks even use it as armor. The best thing about titanium is it is biocompatible. Your body will not reject the implant, unless you have an allergy to the metal. The titanium bonds to your jawbone. This combination serves as the strong foundation for your new teeth.

Is It Real?

Another advantage implants have is the false teeth look and feel real. You will seriously notice the difference between real teeth and dental implants in a person who undergoes all on four procedures, where a whole arc of teeth is replaced.

The real benefit for you, though, is the feeling you have real teeth. As the titanium bonds with your jawbone, the implants become a part of you. Aside from giving you back your smile, denture implants may make simple tasks like chewing easier and more comfortable.

A Healthier Alternative

Classic dentures and crowns require adjacent teeth to be adjusted to support the system. With denture implants, there is no need for your dentist to reduce any near teeth. The entire implant system supports itself through the titanium post.

Implants are also very durable. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. They also do not require to be removed every evening, adding to their ease of maintenance.

Less Embarrassing

Most of all, implants do not have the embarassment a classic denture may bring. As your dentist screws them on tightly to a metal post that has bonded with your jawbone, the chances of one slipping accidentally are very low.

This means you now have the confidence to eat whatever you want and not worry your dentures will get stuck and come down with the food. You can also speak more confidently. Classic dentures may accidently slip as you speak, making you slur your words and causing you an embarrassing moment.

With implants, whether they are single teeth or all on four, you may get your confidence back. Now, you may eat, smile and talk without worrying if your teeth may fall off at the most inopportune moment.