What Is Psychological And Emotional Health?

What does psychological and emotional health mean? It is feeling that all is well with your world, that you are able to cope with whatever life brings your way, that you have direction, purpose and meaning in your life and that you are feeling fulfilled. It means that you have the courage and emotional strength to overcome self doubt, fear and concern for what others might think. You would be living your own life and not a life that is prescribed by others or society. You are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone and you fulfilling your highest vision for your life. You are a co-creator of your life.

To develop psychological and emotional health you need to:

· Develop a relationship with yourself and thereby tap into your inner strength and take the necessary actions that build confidence and self esteem. This will enable you to lead a more authentic and passionate life.

· Work out what you think is important in life and the ways that you may need to change in order for your life to revolve around the things that you think are important.

· Develop your talents and skill so that you have the confidence and self esteem to tackle difficult things in your life. This will enable you to move towards living the life that you desire.

· Build your courage so that you can:

  • stand up for what you desire,
  • face the fear of conflict ahead,
  • take more risk and expand your comfort zone and
  • take the action that is needed to create the life that you want.

· Share your success and development with others. Pass on your skills to loved ones and especially to your children.

Living a life that demonstrates psychological and emotional health is not necessarily easy. You will on many occasions ‘rock the boat’ as you stand up for what you believe is right. Illness is often a time when we question what it is that we believe, what we think is important and how we should live our lives. Recovering from illness often provides us with the ‘space’ that we need to ask these questions and to take a good look at ourselves and our lives. It is a time for healing the body and the mind and making decisions about how we can live a more authentic life. The process of making changes in our lives so that our lives are more aligned with what we want aids our healing and health at all levels.

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