Using Medicinal Herbs

Herbal and alternative medicine is quickly gaining popularity, as more and more people become frustrated with the rising costs of prescription medications and the potential side effects associated with some of these medications. Fortunately, for these individuals, there are herbal and alternative options for almost every condition.

It is important to note that alternative remedies may not all have the same effect on everyone, because of allergies or the differences in peoples' body chemistry.

The main problem people encounter when trying herbal medicine, however, is improper usage. Some people will buy herbal products based on the attractive packaging, or the marketing and advertising of that product.

Some herbal supplements that come in hard pill or tablet form, may state that they have a certain herbal ingredient, but in actual fact, they have a very small amount of that particular herb, and are mixed with other, miscellaneous ingredients.

Also, the hard pill or tablet forms of these remedies do not dissolve very well in our bodies or in water. Because of this, they can not be mixed with teas, or turned into salves or poultices. Teas, salves and poultices are some of the most effective herbal remedies available.

If you decide that you want to try herbal remedies, make sure you buy 100% pure herbs in gelatin capsules. These capsules have ground or powdered herbs inside and dissolve very quickly.

Make a habit of reading the labels on these herbal remedies to ensure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

The labels will also give you the proper dosages, and your herbalist will help you to decide which herb, and which dosage of that particular herb may be right for your particular condition.

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