Use Your Friends to Attain Your Fitness Goals

Friends are great, and I say this with love when I say … USE THEM! Friends will help you stay motivated to exercise regularly. When you exercise with a friend, chances are you will be more successful at exercising consistently because you can help keep each other accountable. The thought that someone is relying on you to participate in an exercise can give you the motivation you need to work-out. And on top of working out consistently, chances are good that you will work-out harder and longer than if you were alone. I can not count the number of times I had a fantastic work-out because I was exercising with a friend who kept pushing me. As a runner, one of the hardest things to do when trying to exercise with friends is finding friends who are at the same fitness level. When I run, I want to keep my own pace. Often my friends are either too fast, or too slow for me to run with. And then I'm back to working-out alone. Want a solution? Take a bike with you when you work-out with a friend. One person runs and the other rides the bike. When the runner is tired, switch it up. There are many great things I love about this workout.

1) You can run at your own pace, and still be in the company of your friends who may not be at the same fitness level.

2) The combination of riding the bike and running uses different muscles and leaves you with less sore muscles at the end of the work-out.

3) You can get a great interval workout and a cross-training work-out in one. Set your watch timer to alarm every 5 minutes or so and switch every time. When you are running, you can step-up the pace because you know you will be able to recover wile you are on the bike.

4) Because one person rides and one person runs, you are able to cover a lot more ground. If yourself and your friend are both comfortable running 5-7 miles each, then with this workout, you should be able to cover about 10-14 miles with the bike.

5) If more of your friends want to join in the exercise, try keeping just one bike and having two running wile one rides the bike.

Try to make the work-out a little challenging with some hills. I find it much harder to ride a bike up hills than to run up the hills. This makes it more of a challenge for whoever is on the bike. One of the best things about staying fit and working-out with your friends is that the exercise becomes much more enjoyable. To many of us, that is the key to a successful work-out routine. If you are not having fun exercising, your probably not going to do it again. Keep Moving,

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