Understanding Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The thought of oral surgery is something that may send shivers running down your spell. But really, as long as you have asked all of your questions of your Plantation dentist and your Fort Lauderdale oral surgeon, you should be able to walk into your surgical procedure with confidence that all will be better soon.

There are a variety of reasons one may require a visit to their Fort Lauderdale oral surgeon. Wisdom tooth or some other sort of extraction is probably the most common reason why your Plantation dentist may make a referral to an oral surgeon for consultation. However, a Fort Lauderdale oral surgeon would also be needed to prepare your mouth for dental implants or an oral appliance such as dentures.

Typically, your traditional Plantation dentist can handle a tooth extraction. So why do you need to see a Fort Lauderdale oral surgeon for your wisdom teeth extraction? Here's what makes wisdom teeth a bit more complicated. It's not the tooth itself but the root. For the most part, the more normal the alignment of the wisdom tooth and the further through the gums it has been able to erupt, the simpler the extraction process will be. Subsequently, the healing process will also be easier to get through.

The anatomy of a wisdom tooth itself is another reason why extractions needs to be done by an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth are multi rooted; with lower wisdom teeth typically having two roots, and upper wisdom teeth usually having three. Every person is different, and there before there is a large degree of variation in the way the roots of a wisdom tooth can form. Not only can each person be different; but also each tooth can be different in the way the roots have formed.

Some wisdom teeth have roots that are separate and distinct, while others have roots that have fused or formed in an odd way. The various scenarios are what make wisdom teeth extraction more difficult than the extraction of a tooth that is fully grown in.

Now stop yourself before you go thinking of worst case scenario. This is easy to fall into, so just stop. If you have been told that you need a wisdom tooth extraction, just educate yourself on what takes place, and talk to both your Plantation dentist and your Fort Lauderdale oral surgeon so that you know what to expect. The exam that is done on your teeth will give some idea of ​​what the roots are doing, and then give your dentist and surgeon a good idea of ​​how involved your procedure may be. Remember one key point about having wisdom teeth extracted: you will be sleep!

Once your oral surgeon has removed your wisdom teeth, the only job you are responsible for is healing. Generally, the healing process goes hand in hand with the degree of difficulty that was present in the extraction. Again, do not go jumping to worst case scenario. Proper planning comes through gaining information. Talk to your dentist about the recovery process so you can plan for the fastestiest recovery possible.

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