Two Amazing Remedies For Teeth Problems

Dental problems are among the largest health hazards of modern times. So severe is its impact that even insurance companies avoid covering it in normal course.

These remedies are more effective than the most expensive treatment that your dentist may have planned for your dental problems like tooth decay, loosing of teeth, inflammation of gum, toothache, pyorrhea etc.


This is the most effective formula to keep your teeth healthy and intact forever.

Take 2 grams of finely grained rock salt (called saindha namak in India). Mix it well with 8-10 gram mustard oil (called sarson ka tel in India). Apply this paste over your teeth and gum. Massage your teeth and gum lightly with fingers. Spit out and wash your mouth with plain water after 15 minutes.

This should be performed once a day. There may be bleeding initially which should stop in a few days. In a matter of 2 weeks you would observe improvements in your dental health. This is a safe practice for one to continue lifelong. This would ensure that you never have any dental problems.


Those who can not obtain good quality rock salt, can replace it with turmeric powder or haldi. There are two ways of using turmeric for better and stronger teeth:

A. Simply replace rock salt with turmeric powder and follow the method provided in the previous remedy. So mix turmeric with mustard oil and massage your teeth and gum. Spit and rinse mouth after around 15 minutes.

B. Another technique is to use finely grained turmeric powder directly. In case you are not sure of quality of mustard oil, this is safer. Simply skip use of mustard oil and apply turmeric powder on teeth in the same way as you clean your teeth with tooth-powder.

I have tried use of both rock-salt and turmeric with exceptional results. Often, I would use Remedy 1 in morning and Remedy 2 in night before sleep.

They say that '' I think there I am 'is the statement of an intellectual who underrates toothaches'. Follow these remedies and become such an intellectual!

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