Twitter ‘Not Trusting’ Barack Obama’s Plan To Take COVID-19 Vaccine, Show It On TV


  • Twitter users react to Barack Obama’s COVID-19 vaccine announcement 
  • Some netizens doubt that Obama will immediately take the vaccine 
  • Other Twitter users were impressed with Obama’s effort to lead by example

Barack Obama plans to take the COVID-19 vaccine once it is available and do it on TV to stir public confidence, but some Twitter users are already doubting him.

Obama said he would believe Dr. Anthony Fauci if he would say that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. The former POTUS said he would take the vaccine and have it shown on TV to encourage others to do the same, but some doubt the vaccine’s authenticity. Some even claimed that Obama would only inject a placebo while others pointed out that it is easy to fake things.

“But will that really be a Covid vaccine? They can show us all they want, but we don’t have proof that isn’t a B-12. Sorry, not trusting this at all,” one commented.

“I’m a nurse I want to load the needle for him,make sure it isn’t a placebo on camera,” Kathryn Seal offered.

“How would you ever know if it was the actual vaccine?” another asked.

“Just because you get a shot on camera doesn’t mean you are taking the vaccine.  Publicity stunt,” a different user added.

“With the lies he has told who knows if the needle will even pierce the skin or if it will even be the vaccine. No politician will get s–t until after they try and mandate the citizens to do it first. This will be like aca, they want to have everyone to take it to see what it ds,” @kmsteel opined.

Several online users revisited the time when Obama sipped filtered water in Flint, Michigan back in 2016 in front of the crowd to show that their water was safe after it was contaminated with lead.

“So it’s going to be like Flint? He’s going to put the needle next to his skin and depress the plunger for a CC or two, but not actually take it?” one wrote.

“Just like when he drank the bulls–t version of the water in Flint, Michigan?” another commented.

“Like he drank FLINT WATER,” another added with laughing emoji.

“Kind of like when he drank that Flint, Michigan water,” a third user added.

Meanwhile, others already decided to not take the vaccine.

“Confirmed, I will not get it!!!” Captain Drake tweeted.

“Lmao have fun, ill never take it,” another wrote.

Although many were doubtful, some still praised Obama. For them, he was a true leader for leading by example.

“True leadership,” one netizen wrote.

“Always a leader,” a second user added.

“Leadership by example,” a third user commented.

Barack Obama helped his former vice president Joe Biden campaign and now many of his own one-time officials are set to reenter government Barack Obama helped his former vice president Joe Biden campaign and now many of his own one-time officials are set to reenter government Photo: AFP / CHANDAN KHANNA

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