Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly – 10 Best Tips For Getting Pregnant


1. Stress will affect your body by interfering with your ovulation and could reduce sperm production in men. Lower stress levels will mean better male and female fertility. Stressing out will not help you get pregnant. Relax and enjoy and let nature take its course.

Weight and exercise

2. Being underweight or overweight can affect your health and have an adverse effect on your pregnancy. Having a healthy body weight will greatly increase your fertility chances. You need to get a good amount of rest, exercise and have a good healthy diet.

Quit Smoking and drinking

3. Smoking has negative effects on women and her partner. Medical studies show that smoking ten or more cigarettes each day has a negative effect on egg production. In men cigarette smoke constricts the blood vessels, which negatively affects sperm by changing oxygen consumption and nutrient intake. Alcohol affects hormones. It also lowers estrogn levels, which interferes with ovulation. It can also increase the chance of having a miscarriage. Men who consume alcohol have low sperm counts and decreased fertility.

Eating Right

4. Before conception, you need to eat right and take your vitamins. You should eat four to five serving of fruit and vegetables. This will not only help you help you maintain your ideal weight, but it will also get you a balance of vitamins to help improve conception. Take prenatal supplements that have folic acid to improve fertility.

Learn All There Is To Know About Getting Pregnant

5. You should make love regularly and at the right time. You should begin a healthy lifestyle at least three months before trying to conceive. Keeping your body and mind in the best shape will improve fertility and decrease the chance of having a miscarriage.

See the dentist for regular checks

6. Getting checksup will make sure your teeth do not have a negative affect on your pregnancy. Gum disease left untreated could cause a preterm delivery.

Regular Intercourse

7. You will increase your chances of trying to get pregnant quickly by having sex on a regular basis. If you have sex everyday, then you will not have to track your ovulation.


8. One of the main key factors in trying to get pregnant is timing. You could have missed your chance to get pregnant if the timing is wrong. You can do some things to figure out when you are ovulating. Keep track of your basal temperature by using a thermometer. Also, chart your cycles to predict ovulation.

Sexual positions

9. The missionary position is the best when the woman is on bottom. After intercourse raise your hips to help the sperm find their destination.

See your doctor

10. See your regular doctor for a preconception visit and get your husband tested too. Discuss any questions and ask your doctor what you can do to try to get pregnant.

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