Toronto Fitness Company Reaps the Rewards of Its COVID Pivot

TORONTO, Dec. 1, 2020 /CNW/ – Though the pandemic has affected them greatly, Toronto-based personal training company ‘Nielsen Fitness’ didn’t close up shop (or break the law) as a result of COVID precautions; instead they adapted their entire business model to continue serving clients through the pandemic with a focus on safety and the ‘long game’.

Poul Nielsen, CEO and fitness industry veteran says, “when COVID hit, we had to rapidly pivot from in-home personal training to virtual training.”

Though it wasn’t part of the original plan, “it was our only option if I wanted to keep my 20 employees working and clients – who needed us more than ever – working out,” says Nielsen.

As a result, instead of a pandemic sob story, Nielsen Fitness is busier than ever – and embracing the opportunities that have come their way as a result of this shift.

“It took us a good few months to work out the kinks but, now that we have, business is booming – I just hired four new team members, and our revenue in November was higher than January,” says Nielsen. “Going virtual has unlocked unlimited possibility for us geographically – and we’re so excited to be working with clients from across Canada, the United States and Europe.”

His team is enjoying the perks too. Says Nielsen: “My trainers are making more money, because they don’t need to travel and can therefore schedule more sessions into a day.”

On a personal note, Nielsen reports that it’s been incredibly fulfilling to be able to help people cope with the stress of COVID in a positive way and he’s on a mission to do that for as many people as possible.

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About Nielsen Fitness 

In business since 2006, Nielsen Fitness is proud to provide premium in-home training services (in Toronto) and virtual personal training (worldwide). Their process combines easily accessible virtual technology with the real-time direction from a second-to-none team of knowledgeable and experienced certified personal trainers. Nielsen Fitness delivers highly effective customized workouts that produce impressive results safely, and without relying on lots of space or equipment.

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For further information: For more information visit or contact: Poul Nielsen CEO, 416.356.2658, [email protected]

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