Tips on Taking Good Care of Your Teeth

Prevention is certainly better than cure, and that definitely applies when it comes to oral hygiene. Visits to the dentist can prove very expensive if you have a lot of problems but there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you need only pay the minimum for any corrective dental work.

It's always wise to see your dentist and / or oral hygienist every six months. They are the experts at spotting signs of any problems from incorrect brushing technique to serious ailments.

Avoiding acidic drinks is always recommended as they can damage the enamel on your teeth. Some health drinks are promoted as giving a large proportion of your five a day fruits and vegetables, but the acids contained in them can damage your teeth, so if you like that drink then drink them though a straw.

Avoid grinding your teeth. Some people grind their teeth while sleeping and although it can not be stopped the damage done can be minimized by getting specialist gum shields for night-time wear from your dentist.

In addition to avoiding grinding your teeth you should always clean your teeth, not only regularly, but ensure that you also use the best technique and learn how to floss properly. Getting to remove plaque and bits of food that get stuck between the teeth is very important to maintain the best dental care .

Smoking is another major culprit when it comes to teeth discolouration and encouraging gum disease. If you can give up smoking and switch to chewing sugar free gum instead, it would do wonders for your teeth.

Aside from smoking, it is best to avoid drinks that discolour and stain your teeth – herbal teas are one of the main culprits although red wine, regular tea and coffee are also just as bad when it comes to causing teeth discolouration. As with acidic drinks it may be better to drink these teeth stainers through a straw, although that may prove a trifle embarrassing in public!

After drinking sugary or acidic drinks such as fruit juice, wait at least 20 minutes before brushing your teeth to avoid potential damage to your tooth enamel.

Opting for professional teeth whitening if you can afford it rather than home kits is a much better option. That is because dentists produce a fitted mouth guard molded to your teeth and they also ensure the right amount of whitening gel is applied to your teeth.