Tips For New Moms – Your Baby’s First Visit to the Dentist

Being a new mom is an experience filled with stress, but it also brings great joy into a woman's life. The onus of being responsible for a little person's life can be a little overwhelming at times, but when new moms take the time to educate themselves and learn about their children's needs, they enjoy much greater peace of mind. One of those needs is proper dental care. Many experts agree that a baby should visit a pediatric dentist around the age of one: here's more about that first visit.

Why So Early?

Your children's teeth are one of their most important tools: they help kids to eat, drink, talk, and – yes – explore just about everything else that their mouth can do! It is essential to take your baby to the dentist by the time she is one in order to determine if her tooth eruptions and overall oral health are off to a good start, and to get a jump start on preventing any problems that may arise down the road.

Taking your baby to a pediatric dentist rather than a family dentist can make a big difference. The dentist and staff are experienced in working with little patients and are experts in the field of toddler oral health and hygiene. The furniture is her size so she is less likely to feel intimidated, and she will be surrounded by other little patients just her size. You want your baby to have a good experience with the dentist so that she will not fight you when it's time for her visits: a good pediatric dentist has the skills and know-how to make that happen.

What Will Happen During That First Visit?

The dentist will perform an oral examination to determine if there are any signs of tooth decay. Believe it or not, even the youngest babies can develop cavities: especially if they regularly suck on juice or formula bottles. He will also make sure that the jaw is developing properly, check all oral tissues for abnormalities or disease, and make sure all those little teeth are coming in as they should.

The pediatric dentist will take the time to educate you about how to care for your baby's teeth and the impact of good nutrition on the growth of your baby's teeth and her overall well-being.

Get your baby off to a great start by visiting a pediatric dentist at the end of her first year. The information you receive will be useful and invaluable, and will give you even greater peace of mind in knowing that you are taking proper care of your baby.

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