Three Questions to Ask the Dentist

Ask a friend about his or her last dental visit, and most likely, the person would feel uncomfortable. Many Colorado Springs residents compare dental visits to intimate wear because the dentist can really get up close and personal. Dentists, after all, open your mouth to literally see what's inside.

While most residents may get dental scares, it's still important to be reminded of why dental visits are necessary. Daily brushing may clean one's teeth but it does not address all the dental problems people may have. Some people might have gum bleeding issues and receding gum lines that only a dentist's help can cure. Furthermore, dentists can also prevent diseases from occurring, thereby making a person's oral health better.

If you or your family members have skipped dental visits, it's time to remedy this problem. Re-connect with your dentist and let the dental professional help you. If you need a review on the different health practices to catch up on oral health, read the Q & As below to guide you.

Do I really need to floss?

Many Colorado Springs dental professionals advise that everyone should floss. If you have a teenager, it's time to start reminding him or her to floss daily. Flossing avoids bacterial buildup between teeth that may lead to cavities. If possible, encourage your family members to floss at least once a day to have cleaner teeth and gums.

How do I whiten my teeth?

Avoiding coffee, colored soda and chocolate is necessary according to most Colorado Springs dental professionals because these food items may discolor teeth. If you're thinking of whitening your teeth through the use of whitening products, consult your dentist about it. Some whitening brands may not deliver the desired results while some may deliver no results at all so it's best to ask your dentist for products you could use.

What do I do if I have sensitive teeth?

Most Colorado Springs dental professionals suggest that you stop eating citrus foods because these contain acids that weakened the teeth. Many dentists may also advise that you use toothpaste with protective ingredients that can help protect your teeth from hot and cold drinks. Avoid grinding your teeth, too, because this wears the teeth's protective layer. If you or a family member does this during sleep, buy a mouth guard for that family member.

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