The Office Star’s “Awkward” Dental Visit Goes Viral

Rainn Wilson, who played deranged beet farmer Dwight Schrute on The Office, had Twitter rolling this morning with a photo taken at his dentist’s office, in which he said he put a mask on in order to avoid recognition…because the person who appears to be the only other patient in the waiting room is wearing a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt, suggesting it’s likely she would want to spend some time talking about the beloved sitcom, while Wilson was waiting for his root canal, which seems like…well, maybe not the ideal time to do that kind of thing.

The tweet earned a ton of engagement, with many of the tweets referencing the season 3 episode “The Coup,” in which Dwight lies to Michael, pretending to visit a dentist named Dr. Crentist in order to cover up what he had actually been doing out of the office that day. 

You can see the tweet below.

The scene has gained viral attention a few times before, especially when an actual dentist took on the story, creating the slogan “Don’t lie. Visit the dentist.” The office (led by a doctor whose actual name is Pickett) took to their website to recap and capitalize on the episode:

This is for those who love the hilarious TV show, The Office that aired from 2005 to 2013 here in the United States. In the episode, “The Coup“, we can recall that Dwight tells Michael, his boss at the paper company “Dunder Mifflin”, that he’s going to the dentist one morning.

However, rather than going to the dentist, Dwight attempts to steal his boss’s position by going over his head to Jan Levinson. She then calls Michael, reprimanding him to get control of his employees.

When Dwight gets back to the office after a few hours, Michael sets a trap for him by offering him peanut M&M’s with a simple, yet direct “Hey Dwight, want an M&M?”. Dwight, trying to be casual about his absence warily accepts.

This leads to Michael asking him, “Good, huh?” and then wham! “Hey, I didn’t think you were supposed to eat anything for a couple of hours after you have a crown put in?” Offering a quick excuse, Dwight try’s to talk his way out of it with no luck.

Michael asks, “What’s his name?”

Dwight: “Crentist.”

Caught, Michael presses and we get to the point.

Don’t Lie. Visit the Dentist.
We all really should see the dentist, rather than simply use it as an excuse to leave work. Our name isn’t Crentist, but Dr. Pickett greatly enjoys being your Keller, TX dentist without having a name that rhymes with the word. We invite you to come by our office for a dental cleaning and exam. We’ll even provide you a note for work that states you actually came to the dentist. Just be sure to follow the hygienists instructions after you leave in case you SHOULDN’T eat for a couple hours afterwords.

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