The Hidden and Long-Term Effects of Poor Posture on Your Health

There has been a lot of talk already about the negative effects of having poor posture. So diverse are the discussions about it that it is even associated with job hiring, that is, those who have bad posture are in danger of being rejected as soon as they present themselves for an interview.

Developing a bad posture can come from different ways. But for those who are working in offices for longer hours, bad posture almost always come from slouching indiscriminately in that comfortable office chair.

The downside of it all is that by the time you find out about your bad posture, it is already ingrained in your system that you find it equally problematic to get rid of it.

And since it would be difficult to have a sustained time doing some exercise in the office, the best logical solution for you to contain this silent killer is to buy an office chair that would help ease out the threat of having back pains or developing a bad posture in the long run.

What Are These Effects Anyway

Let us take a close look at the long-term effects of having that poor posture, and mind you, some of these effects are quite hidden.

  • Poor Digestion – Yes, poor posture alters how your digestive organs function. For one, it compresses them that alters your normal bowel movement. And second, your metabolism is far from being normal, thereby giving you discomfort when consuming and processing the food you eat.

  • Varicose Veins – Sitting in your office for almost the entire day is not something that would generate some healthy returns. For those career women who always have a date with their office chairs, getting a varicose vein is a highly probable. This is in part due to the slow if not absence of blood circulation in the event of sitting in that chair for 8 hours.

  • Cardio Diseases – Countless studies have confirmed already that people who have bad posture are more prone to developing cardiovascular diseases. This is closely related to the cause why women have these varicose veins, only this time it stops the heart.

  • Spinal Issues – This is, by far, the most difficult to cure if left unattended, the reason why a significant number of people do have some really bad posture with them. They have experienced a change in their spinal curve that gives them that unnatural position. And most of those who suffer from this defect are poor at absorbing shock and incapable of maintaining proper balance.

  • Back Pains – Experiencing a disc degeneration, which is the result of having poor posture, can lead to extreme back pains. It increases the stress level in your back brought about by displaying that poor posture at all times.

What’s With These Chairs for Your Poor Posture

These, and a whole lot more, are some of the long-term effects of having that poor posture. The worst thing could happen, though, is that there’s a big chance you might develop not just one, but two or three of these complications as a result of sitting too long and too lazy in that office chair.

In fact, you can counter this bad posture problem through chairs as well, in particular with a pilates exercise chair or some adjustable office chair with features that aim to minimize if not eradicate the problem of developing a poor posture.

Securing these adjustable chairs saves you time, not to mention resources, when dealing with poor posture or back pains or what have you. And as soon as you have these chairs around, it is only a matter of time before you can see the posture and disposition of your office-mates in proper places.

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