The Essential USANA Review – Is USANA Health Sciences Really a Scam?

Here is my own personal USANA Review for your own reading pleasure. The USANA product line are selling like crazy, and they probably will for quite some time. But lets be honest here. You want a review on the money making side of things as well!

Now when we look at USANA vitamins, are we looking at health? Egypt Wealth ?? The good news is that the USANA products will never be sold in normal retail stores because of their network marketing license. This is great news if you want to earn some cash, because the only way people can get their hands on these products is through a USANA distributor!

** My Brief Introduction

Let me give you a brief introduction about USANA Health Sciences. This should give you a small introduction into their very humble beginnings.

OK here we go. USANA Health Sciences was founded back in 1992 by a certain DR Myron Wentz, an absolute expert and also known Worldwide for his cell-culture technology. He had a huge belief in cellular nutrition and wanted to spread his ideas and beliefs to others. He started doing this by setting up a group of nutritional supplements based on cell-culture.

** The USANA Viamins

So are the products really any good? Well actually yes, and if you believe in a healthy life with these vitamins then even better news is that USANA earned a GMP. Whats a GMP? (Good Manufacturing Practices inspection)

One slightly disappointing point is the price of the USANA product. One example would be its GrapeSeed Extract which even on eBay starts at a quite high $ 28.

So the product is actually quite good, if a little overpriced, but what about a business startup? What does that cost?

Well to become an independent distributor costs $ 19 and there is also a $ 200 fee for your business center, including some of the products you choose.

** Complete Health WEALTH and Happiness With USANA? (Maybe Not)

So far everything sounds great, but let me give you my honest USANA review. There really is not anything wrong with the products, the only thing that lets USANA down is the business model.

Like many other network marketing or MLM pay plans, USANA uses what we call a binary structure. This means that you need to keep building teams on the left and the right of your pay line. This sounds great in theory but in reality most people only join USANA for the products and not as a business venture, meaning your business will ever come to a halt without you a re recruiting powerhouse!

** My Conclusion

By now you can obviously see that USANA is not a scam, but it really is a flawed business model. There are many better ways to make money online without the hassle of stuffing your garage full of unwanted vitamins.

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