The Dangers Of The Great Fluoride Experiment

In America today, one can easily see the effects of fluoridation to over consumption of fluoride in our everyday lives. The effects of fluoridation are numerous: children with darkened teeth and behavior disorders, brittle bones, neurological disorders, migraine headaches, clinical depression, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease. All of these conditions have a close association with over use of fluoride in the public water supply.

Aside from the fact that fluoridation is hazardous, Americans should be concerned about the use of the public water supply as a distribution method for this substance. Dentists and public health officials are basically forcing the public to medicate themselves with fluoride. Adding drugs and other substances should not be permitted. Many officials and doctors are pushing the consumption of statin drugs in the water supplies due to their blanket benefits. Putting a statin drip into the public water supply sounds far fetched, but that is exactly what happens with fluoride.

Dentists promote the use of fluoride, as do their associations, as a necessary drug for the body, when in actuality the public would benefit to a larger degree from a promotion of magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, and the B vitamins, because they are the most common nutritional deficiencies in our bodies.

Dentists tout fluoride as a nutritional deficiency because their organizations tell them to. Dentists are not qualified to address any areas outside the mouth. What the body ingests and processes are entirely under the jurisdiction of the doctor, and many doctors are not qualified to talk about nutrition either.

Putting fluoride in the public water supply is basically an experiment on the largest and most dangerous scale, and is being conducted on the American population right now. One can see the increase of health problems with the use of fluoride. High doses of fluoride were used during World War II as a truth serum and for prison control. Maybe there is an alternative agenda.

As a consumer, you can stop drinking the public water and only drink natural spring water. You can also avoid tooth pastes and mouth washes that have added fluoride.

If you continue to drink tap water (which has other harmful chemicals like chlorine) you can attach a faucet mounted PUR water filter or use the Britta filtration system. Both use carbon filters to remove fluoride. This is a simple way to protect yourself, and your family from consuming too much fluoride. Distilled or reverse osmosis water is even better.

Drinking water that has added chemicals is not only dangerous, it is irresponsible. The addition of fluoride to the drinking supply is based on bad science, misinformed medical authorities, and political power grabs, and has nothing to do with the well being of the public.

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