Take the Labor out of Language Learning – 2

So how many of you have made New Year's resolutions? Is learning a new language one of them? For many it will be. When you start, remember what I said in my last article. Firstly, commit to enjoyment and secondly, be positive.
For those of you who feel that your main learning style is visual, mind mapping can be a great way to learn and increase your vocabulary. Many of you will have heard about this, which was developed by Tony Buzan.
The idea is that you start with a topic in the center of a blank piece of paper ie holidays. Then you develop the themes connected to this round the center like spokes of a wheel. With holidays the themes might be, some means of transport, food, weather, clothes, activities and accommodation. To this you then add appropriate pictures, symbols and lots of color. You then end up with a picture containing a lot of information that you can look at and absorb more easily than lists of words. You do not need to be an artist but you will get better at drawing and using your imagination. Have fun!
It's also a great way to take notes at lectures or meetings. Try it .And, it's also a memorable way to do your shopping list [much less boring as well]!

Sleep on it .Research shows that we can help our memory by reviewing what we have learned during the day. Simply read over what you have learnt or read be it two or ten words, go to sleep, read over them again in the morning and note how you improve.

Down time. Take your words to learn with you where you go out and use the time when you have to wait for people, are in the dentist's waiting room, or waiting for any other important meeting. You will be amazed at how easy this makes the learning as you incorporated it into your life and do not feel the need to sit down for long periods of study.
Traveling time is useful too. If you have to travel by bus or train then a few minutes of that time can be learning time. Sometimes the place you were when you read a word will also trigger the memory and help you recall the word. Your car is useful for simply listening and absorbing the patterns and rhythms of the language.
Involve your family and friends. Get them to ask you the meaning of words and try and teach them some of the words and sentences. That can be fun and teaching someone else is always a good way to consolidate our learning. You will also have a lot of fun as they learn how to pronounce the words and laughter is one of the best memory triggers there is.

Learn with laughter, learn that much faster.

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