Soul Medicine and Spiritual Quantum Physics


We are in the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm for healing. This paradigm is energy healing using your mind and soul as your guiding tools.

We have about 1950 more years in this 2000 year age. Several Aquarian Age healers or what I like to call 'pioneers' have already made their mark on the world scène with their healing techniques.

Most of them have 'blinked back' into the Quantum Ocean awaiting their turn to 'blink back out' again into a new incarnation.

Hahnemann, Bach, Dinshah, Schuessler and Eeman are a few of the better known healing pioneers who await their next assignment.

We have several other pioneers still walking the planet, one in particular living in Arizona, Eric Rolf who I would like to tell you a little about.

He has written a book called "Soul Medicine, the Anti-Medicine of Creative Cause and Inner Listening." It may turn out to be the most efficient healing system of our time.

The only illness that Soul Medicine recognizes is a kind of 'spiritual deafness.'

Soul Medicine provides a secret body code relating to each organ inner and outer with specific areas of your life. Soul Medicine is your passport to living a new healthy, exciting, creative life.

Let me tell you how Eric helped me! Last year I slipped on the ice in front of my home in frigid Pennsylvania. I cracked my head pretty good. Since I am a firm believer that nothing happens by accident (an accident is the effect of a cause you have forgotten) I called Eric and asked him why did he think I hurt myself like that?

We discussed things over the phone and he came up with a date. I mentally traced my life back to that date and discovered that at age fifteen I had cracked my head in a similar 'accident'.

I was running in the high school gym doing laps around the track which was suspended above the gym floor. When I was finished running I tried to leap over the railing that led to the door leading downstairs.

My toe covered the railing and I crashed onto the concrete hitting my head in the same spot I did last year.

But that was not the cause it was the effect. We dug further and found out the cause was my continued anger at my father. He and I have been 'banging heads' ever since I can remember. It finally drve me out of my home at 18 and into the Army.

So this particular cause and effect accident lay buried in my subconscious till last year when I was in my 70's. Then what goes around comes around. Repeated accident!

It was time to forgive my father and let all the anger go. Since I was not doing this voluntarily my soul gave me a gentle reminder and I cracked my head. Remember this it said?

Thanks to Eric and his "Soul Medicine" paradigm I finally resolved this hidden cause and effect time bomb.

All accidents, all pains and injuries are caused to ourselves by us. Our souls know the causes. Get into the habit of asking your soul to tell you the cause and it will as sure as God made little green apples.

If you get a chance read "Soul Medicine" by Eric Rolf. It is truly an Aquarian Age healing paradigm. Look him up on the net and email him.

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