Schwinn Windrigger Rowing Machine – Air Resistance Rower From Schwinn

The Windrigger rowing machine offers a great workout for people of all fitness levels. This style of rower offers increasing resistance- the harder you work, the more resistance you will experience. If you are looking for a complete full boy workout with increasing resistance as your fitness level grows, this may be the perfect choice.

The Scwhinn Windrigger rowing machine features a padded seat with channels allowing you to stay cool while you row. It includes an LCD display showing your time, distance, and calories burned as well as the option of displaying your heart rate, speed, and stroke rate. This model includes four preset programs to challenge you along the way; choose from Intervals, Pyramid, Real Racing, and Regatta. With the last two presets, you can challenge yourself to beat the program and feel the accomplishment of winning a rowing race.

Other manufacturers also offer air rowing machines to give you the feel of rowing on open water from the comfort of your own home. Wind resistance is increasing in popularity as it allows you to set the resistance according to the effort you put in. Air resistance machines are perfect for beginners to get the feel of the workout received from rowing. These fitness machines are also great for more experienced rowers as the harder you work the more resistance you will receive. There are no set resistances; the resistance is determined by the amount of effort you are willing to put forth.

The best rowing machine will allow you to continually increase your resistance as you increase your strength. Air resistance rowers offer increasing resistance without having to change a setting; simply work harder to obtain more resistance. Everyone in your home can benefit from an air rower without the hassle of adjusting settings each time it is used.

The Windrigger rower does cost more than other models and this should be expected since they consist of more than just a simple handle and foot pedals with a seat on a track. If you are not serious about rowing or not sure if this is the right equipment for you, you may want to go with a cheaper model offered before committing to this machine.

Overall, the Windrigger rowing machine offers the best value of any rower as it builds resistance as you work. This gives you a smooth workout every time without over doing it. You can start out slow and work your way up or start out full force. An air rowing machine is truly designed with every user in mind. No need to check the resistance setting each time you work out; an air rowing exercise rower is always ready for each user to obtain maximum results.

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