Rotten Teeth

Across all the age bracket, this is the common reason for visiting the dentist. It's also a common reason for loss of teeth in young ages. Basically, rotten teeth are teeth affected by carries that progressively increases the tooth structure resulting to more and more serious holes. At some point, the teeth are unrepairable and have to be removed.

Did you know that actually sugar is an energy-giving substance for development of germs? Well, whenever you take something sweet, the bacteria in the mouth brings about an acid environment that triggers tooth decay. Generally, the deep structure is exposed for rotting when the dental protection layer becomes thinner due to acid eating off the natural tooth enamel.

Prevention is always better than cure and interestingly, prevention of rotten teeth is as simple as it sounds. First brush regularlyly preferably using a toothpaste that has fluoride, flossing should be done daily and at least take a step of visiting your dentist twice a year for dental check ups,

The worst case scenario in rotten teeth, is where the carries reach the nervous system and the pain is unbearable. If you're suffering from this, please see a dentist right away. In most cases, the rejected parts are removed and the canal is filled with disinfectant substance. However, antibiotics are also used together with some complex interventions that follow from the dentist. After the tooth is filled, definitely the pain is relieved. Neverheless, if the case is sever, the reconstruction process automatically follows.

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