Reiki For Dogs – The Basics of Holistic Dog Medicine

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) comes from the Japanese Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy. Reiki for dogs is a form of spiritual healing that helps harmonize the mind, body, and soul of your pet. It can be used as a treatment for relaxation as well as a tool for releasing negative emotions and limitations.

Reiki for dogs can treat many ailments that may be currently inhibiting your dog, whether noticeable to you or not. It can reduce stress, treat pain, headaches, stomach upsets, asthma, back problems, sinus, respiratory problems, canine hip dysplasia, anxiety and many more. After performing your first session with your pet, you will see instant results in your dog.

Reiki is performed with a fixed set of hand positions. Each position is formed to create a specific desired energy output to extremely bring your dog into balance. To understand how to use Reiki for your dog it is important to know the different charkas that are connected to the physical organs of the body as well as the aura.

There are seven centers of energy in your pet. Reiki for dogs focuses on changing the energy from one center to another to bring about balance. The hand positions control the Chi and extremely free your dog's aura while allowing for a continual energy flow.

The seven centers consist of the Root chakra, Nael chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye, and the Crown chakra. These charkas are specifically connected to different glands in your dog. Reiki will make the glands release hormones directly into the blood stream and control all aspects of your dogs daily activities and healthy thinking.

Freeing the aura is a major part of using Reiki. Before Reiki, your dog's aura might only extend a few decimeters outside the body. After performing Reiki on your dog its aura will resonate about 2-3 meters. There are several different layers of body in the aura that Reiki will expose for your dog.

Physical Body: the most tangible part of your dog's body. Here, Reiki will ease some of the most common fears about the physical body-sickness, aging and death.

Etheric Body: connected to the Root chakra, it is made up of a thin invisible layer that is only 2 cm thick that surrounds your dog's body. This is where the energy is reflected when Reiki gets it flowing from chakra to chakra. Many of your dog's dreams are found here.

Emotional Body: connected to the Navel chakra it serves as an egg shaped emotion reflector that contains the other two bodies. Emotions like hope, happiness, love, anger, and sorrow are all found here. Reiki for your dog can release these emotions from past problems your dog has suppressed and create an empty canvas for your dog to express freely.

Mental Body: connected to the Solar Plexus chakra, reflects logic, mind, and intelligent thinking. Reiki for dogs helps shape their reality.

Astral Body: the bridge between the spiritual realm and the physical world. Reiki for dogs will help them express unconditional love.

Etheric Template Body: connected to the Throat chakra, this is where your dog has its thought processes. Reiki for your dog will connect its past, and present to its future.

Celestial Body: connected to the third eye chakra, mirrors the subconscious mind. It uses your dog's intuition to bring about higher feelings. Reiki will allow your pet to have a love that goes beyond individual to universal.

Casual Body: connected to the Crown chakra, is the last body where the initial creative impulses begin. Reiki will have your dog's soul communicating with its conscious mind and mental body.

Reiki is a gentle but powerful healer. It will balance your dog's energy, organs, and glands. It has proven to strengthen immune systems, treat pain, clear toxins, and enhancements personal awareness while relaxing your dog.

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