Red Wine Health Benefits For Everyone

There is much to be said about the health benefits of drinking red wine and even doctors agree that drinking wine (specifically red) in moderation is a good thing. Of course this issue is also one of a strong debate among those that are interested in the subject.

There have been so far countless studies that show the clear benefits of consuming red type of wine, however there are medical practitioners who are still requireant to encourage patients to drink alcohol even in moderation due to any long term effects that might happen. However, when red wine is consumed in moderation, meaning just a glass of wine per day, it can be beneficial, taking into account the age and gender of the person, along with the type of red wine that it is to be consumed.

The main reasons why one should drink a glass of red wine per day is due to Resveratrol, or the antioxidants that are usually found on the skin and in the seeds of red grapes, that make the red type of wine. There have been several studies that show the health benefits of Resveratrol by minimizing heart problems such as coronary heart disease, and also minimize the production of bad cholesterol in the body. Also it sees that it increase the production of the good cholesterol which is needed by the person. In addition, Resveratrol appears to help with reducing blood clotting.

However the most important part of it all is that red wine should be consumed in moderation. Doctors advise only one glass of wine per day with the meals. Consuming too much will not only negate the benefits of drinking it but will also bring with it a set of unwanted health problems.

The final question remains which wine is best to drink? One of the best wines that can be found particularly in Europe is Pinot Noir from France. This wine has plenty of resveratrol and it is said to be healthy for the body. Also in the US you can find various Cabernet Sauvignon types that can be consumed for their health benefits. Also Syrah is said to be good, while on the other hand Merlot and Zinfandel have less health advantages for all of us.

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