Preventative Medicine For Buyer’s Remorse

Recently I spent more money than I intended to on a new computer. The sale went beautifully. The salesperson made me feel comfortable, the salesperson created trust, and I quickly realized that my salesperson indeed had the answers I needed to pick the right computer. The one I chose was perfect; it would be delivered to my house early the following week. Shortly after the sale was all said and done, a strange feeling of loss crept up on me. The feeling grows in strength as I stared at the only tangible remnants of my expensive decision – a crinkled credit card receipt. What more did I expect? Probably some cuddling. I mean, come on, that was a lot of money. I would not even get to play with it for another week. Remembering the smile and handshake I received from my competent salesperson did little to stop my feeling of wanting from turning into a full-blown self-interrogation about why I spent so much on a computer. What began as a tickle of grief was now a well-developed case of buyer's remorse. This buyer's remorse was due due to the fact that I had nothing to show for my purchase. Sure, I would have it all installed within a week or so, but that did not make my current situation any less, well, remorseful.

Buyer's remorse can destroy many seemingly successful sales. Lack of referrals, talking bad about the company, and outright canceling the order are all symptoms of buyer's remorse. It only takes a few extra steps and a head full of brains to stop its development within your customer. The magical antidote to the dangerous ailment of buyer's remorse is the Thank You Packet. The Thank You Packet shows your customer gratitude for their business, or even just the opportunity to earn their business. It reinforces the relationship with your customer and validates their decision to buy from you. You will also develop new relationships with complimentary businesses, who will supply these items to promote their own business within your targeted audience. By partnering with noncompeting business, you can give your customers items like a free appetizer at a fancy restaurant, a free car wash, an engaging mini-book, or a T-shirt. While your Thank You Packet can become as complex or remain as simple as you would like, there are a few basic guidelines to make and use it successfully. You must partner with companies that your customers patronize and include only items that will be perceived as valuable. Giving your customers items that they will not use will only diminish the significance and purpose of your Thank You Packet. You must also give your Thank You Packet to your customers as true gifts, without expecting anything in return. After all, the magic of the Thank You Packet is in how the customer receives this type of promotion.

This type of promotion is, as it should be, received as a gift, not as an advertisement. Giving your customers gifts that they use and that they appreciate receiving will make them feel special. It will strengthen your relationship with them and make them feel confident about their decision to buy from you. Using this simple remedy will not only maximize your relationships with your customers, it will establish marketing relationships with area businesses. These marketing relationships will prove to be some of the most mutually profitable relationships you can have in business. When local businesses unite in a spirit of service and gratitude to the community at large, customers feel proud to support them. Your customers will drive home with more than a crinkled credit card slip; they'll have confidence in their purchase and in you.

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