Polysaccharides and Health

Polysaccharides are important in the prevention of degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Type 2.

Polysaccharides, by reducing the stickiness of platelets, and making it harder for them to build up in artery walls, can also act as anticoagulants.

They work both to reduce blood lipid and LDL levels, and raise HDL levels; they also have anti-thrombotic effects.

Polysaccharides, by activating T and B lymphocytes, help to regulate immune function, promoting both production of Interferon, a white cell medium, and tumor necrosis (death).

Positive Health Effects of Polysaccharides

The benefits of tea are related to its poly-phenols and polysaccharides.

Tea polysaccharides both lower blood pressure and increase coronary artery capacity; they benefit diabetics by lowering blood sugar levels; and they improve pancreatic Beta cell function.

They may counteract the effects of radiation, and they are very successful in eliminating free radicals, and improving blood cell reproduction and maintenance. They also have anti-viral properties.

Polysaccharides also contain the monosaccharides ribose, xylose, glucose, galactose and arabinose.

Remember, we suggest you obtain your Polysaccharides from the natural sources possible. We suggest looking in to pristine countries, such as NEw Zeland. The reason for this is because there is far less chance of their being toxins within the nutrients from such places.

Also, it is always best to have a well balanced whole food diet. You need to be consuming plenty of vegtables and fruits daily, only then can a high quality multi nutrition supplement be truly effective.

Combine the above with some weekly exercise, and you will be on the path to new found health.

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