Pilates Reformer – A Pilates Machine For All Levels of Fitness

I have to be honest – exercise was definitely not my most favorite and beloved activity! In fact, the only exercise that I enjoyed would be when I would flip channels on the television manually. Yes, getting up from the couch and going to the television just to change channels was truly the sum total of the “exercising” that I did on a daily basis.

Why did I avoid working out? I don’t like the feeling of joint pains the day after I would exercise. It always happens. During the exercise, I would feel good – natural endorphins would be high and I wouldn’t even feel the abused muscles … That is, not until the next day. But when I read about the Pilates method of fitness, I got interested in trying it. It seemed so graceful, and I heard that it is popular with dancers as it helps to give them good posture and strong muscles without adding bulk. So, I looked up the places that offer Pilates classes and signed up for a trial workout.

The first thought that entered my head when I saw the Pilates Reformer was “no way!” It looked a bit like something that would be used to torture people. It has pulleys and a foot bar and a metal frame. I was afraid to even come near it, much more use it! My instructor was there to guide me through the movements – though honestly, I did not feel graceful at all at first.

The next day, I was expecting to feel sore but I did not. Using the Pilates Reformer machine did not give any added stress to my joints. I was so pleased, and my body felt so limber and relaxed, that I went back to do more! As a result, Pilates Reformers have become my favorite type of Pilates exercise equipment. What I love about it is the results that I’m seeing and at the same time, I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the exercise. It’s like exercising while going to the spa.

I know I said that I don’t like to exercise, but doing the Pilates Reformer exercises does not feel like “working out” at all. Give it a try!

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