Penis Sounding: How to Preserve Penis Health

When it comes to pleasure, sometimes a man will go to truly great lengths to find the ultimate sensations. This means he won’t hesitate to try things that are a little off the beaten path, so to speak – including things that might actually lead to penis damage. Penis sounding is one of those solo adventures that a man might expect to derive great pleasure from, but he might not think about the consequences. If a man is determined to try penis sounding, these penis care tips can help ensure he stays healthy.

What is penis sounding?

Sounding is actually a medical procedure in which a thin rod or probe, called a ‘sound,’ is inserted into the urethra. It was originally designed as a way of treating sexually transmitted diseases, as it allowed the doctor to get a better look inside and deliver medication right to where it was needed most. Today, the procedure is designed to help the urologist find any obstructions in the urinary tract. It might also be used during a piercing procedure. It is a procedure only performed when absolutely necessary.

Why use it for pleasure?

As with anything else involving the penis, men simply love to experiment with what might bring more pleasure. At some point, the idea of using a sound to create pleasurable sensations led to guys trying it – and now it is considered a ‘fringe’ act for pleasure-seekers.

The idea is that inserting a thin sound into the urethra, then gently tapping it, can provide a vibration that a man can feel from the inside of his penis. Some find this quite stimulating.

The dangers of sounding

Of course, penis sounding is frowned upon for many reasons. The first is quite simple: It is just not a good idea to stick anything in the urethra. When the procedure is performed in a medical sense, the area is completely sterilized, but even that might not be enough to alleviate the infection risk altogether. Performing sounding on his own, perhaps not even with medical-grade equipment, increases the risk of infection and damage significantly.

Besides that, there is always the risk of penis pain. A man can suffer tears or damage to the urethra and penis tissue, as well as issues with the muscles of the penis. The result can be intense pain, infections, and even trouble with urinating or with holding in urine.

A must-have list of safety measures

For some men, even a run-down of the dangers will not be enough to prevent them from trying it. For those adventurous souls, the best way to avoid penis pain and damage is to follow very careful instructions when attempting penis sounding. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose a thin sound, one that will not stretch the urethral opening.

2. Ensure the sound is medical grade and sterilized before use.

3. Sterilize the penis and the area around it as well.

4. Insert the sound only when the penis is flaccid.

5. Use an exceptional amount of lubrication to help ensure no damage ensues.

6. Always keep one hand on the sound to ensure it doesn’t move too much.

7. Let the penis engulf the sound, rather than pushing it in.

8. Tap on the sound for the pleasurable sensation; never move it back and forth.

9. If the penis becomes erect during sounding, do not remove the sound until the penis is soft again.

10. Watch carefully after sounding to make sure there is no bleeding, extreme soreness, bruising, penis pain and the like. If any signs of this appear, see a physician immediately.

In addition to the good penis care that is required of a man who will be venturing into unfamiliar pleasure territory, the use of a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) will help ensure he has great health every day. Look for a crème that contains vitamin C for blood vessel health, as well as alpha lipoic acid to help prevent cell damage. Soothing Shea butter can help ensure a man keeps his penis skin as healthy as possible.

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