PCOS and Miscarriage – The Terrible Link

Losing a child when pregnant is a terrible thing for any couple to go through and can lead to years of grief and mental problems in some. The health risks to the mother are also substantial with women every year suffering major health problems due to birthing difficulties. PCOS and miscarriage have been linked into this awful issue as the condition of Polycystic ovary syndrome is becoming more widely known and understood.

PCOS is a condition where a woman's ovaries produce male hormones called androgenic hormones which testosterone is a part of. This influx of hormones that are supposedly to be minimal in a woman's body cause man problems with the reproductive system such as irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, infertility and of course miscarriage even if an egg is fertilized these problems. Along with these issues PCOS has been proven to cause weight gain, acne, insulin resistance and even strokes making it a potentially dangerous condition.

Despite all the problems of PCOS many women do not even know they have it and this can lead to a terrible miscarriage that if they were informed of their condition may have been avoided and with an estimated one in ten women suffering from PCOS it is advisable to be tested for the condition.

Luckily for those that want to give birth but are plagued by PCOS there have been breakthroughs in PCOS treatment but not from the main medical sector. Instead the revolution has come from alternative medicine where homeopaths have discovered ways to change a person's lifestyle including diet, exercise, sleep patterns and more to give the body fuel to regulate its hormones where modern medicine has failed.

So if you are concerned about PCOS and miscarriage then it is prudent to see if you are one of the 10% of all women who suffers from the condition before you plan a family and if you are afflicted then you know you have options to have a healthy child without the pain of a failed pregnancy.

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