Packing Essentials – Tropical Backpacking Checklist

These back packing essentials are the things that will help you survive in the adventures of back packing. Back packing is a term commonly used to travel on a budget. It usually involves flying on a budget airline, sleeping in hostels and carrying all your things in a back pack; hence the term back packing. Back packing destinations like Asia, where people are more relaxed and care less about looking rugged and carefree are becoming more famous now. To make sure you'll get along well with the new environment and weather, here's a tropical backpacking checklist.

T-shirts. T-shirts are very versatile; it's light and feels comfortable. It's also a low-key outfit that goes with any type of lower garment as well as with the tropical weather. And for tropical weathers, t-shirts, pants and shorts are all you need.

Quick-dry shorts or pants. You do not really need jeans in a tropical country. Again, the focus here is your comfort in doing daily activities. Quick dry pants and shorts are both comfortable and light. You can bring as few as 3 pieces of them because it only takes an hour or two to dry.

Swimwear and goggles. Tropical countries are known for beaches, lakes and waterfalls so swim wears and a pair of goggles are a must.

Anti-microbial socks and under wears. Back packing may not give you the luxury of bathing every time you need some. Anti-microbial socks and under wears will somehow help maintain your hygiene.

Quick absorbent micro-fiber towel. Instead of a bulky towel, micro-fiber towels absorb 10x its own weight and it dries quickly as well. It's also ultra light compared to regular towels.

Sarong. It's a multi-purpose piece of cloth made of cotton. You can use it as blanket, bed cover and a lot more.

Toiletries. This is obviously very important although if you do not have any specified brands or types of toilets that you absolutely need to use, you could actually buy from your destination.

Medicine kit. I remember an experienced a good friend of mine shared to me. He was in London and he got an awful head ache. Since he does not have any medicine with him, he naturally bought some locally. His exact words were "It made me crazy." He said he had a temporary amnesia. He woke up and he could not remember his wife and he started screaming at her. The point is that going in different places specifically to a different country, you'll never know if you'll find a local medicine that your body is used to.

Cell phones and other gadgets . Wherever you are in the world, you need to let your family and friends know your places for your safety and their peace of mind. High tech gadgets such as WiFi featured smart phones are also very useful in finding information about the place such as directions, transportation and specific locations. Mini tablet computers are useful for this purpose, as well as providing you with good entertainment. Make sure you capture all great moments and scenes with a good reliable camera.

Back packing's goal is to see, feel and experience other cities, provinces and countries by traveling on a budget and less luxury. In back packing all you need is a complete basic need and you're off to a great adventure.