New Dental Teeth Whitening Techniques Bring Brighter Smiles

It really was not all that long ago that people with discolored teeth had to just put up with their predicament and try to keep a smile on their face through it all. It was only a generation ago that all that was really available to brighten a smile was a basic tea cleansing treatment, that did help something.

Now however, there is a virtual litany of choices available for someone that desires the brightest and whitest smile possible. Couple that with the ready availability of new cosmetic dentistry procedures for repairing minor defects, such as bonding, that require only one visit and its easy to see how easy and inexpensive it now is to have your smile beaming.

For minor cases where the discoloration or tone issues are minimal, a whitening treatment is often all that is needed and that can be done in only a few hours in your local dentist office. However; today's dentist who offers cosmetic treatments has several options when approaching complicated cosmetic issues that involve more than one problem.

Acidic-micro-abrasion scrubs work to remove stubborn embedded stains that a basic bleaching process is not capable to treat, so that would be the next step in an aggressive whitening treatment. Beyond that is the option of porcelain veneers that will permanently brighten and whiten your smile for up to ten years.

Also, porcelain veneers are used to remedy "unevenness" problems as well as gaps between your teeth. Even missing teeth can be permanently replaced with dental implants which are a permanent solution to an age old problem. So it seems that no matter what it is that is bothering you with regards to your smile when you look in the mirror, your dentist now has a remedy for it that often only requires just one visit.

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