Natural Cures For Abscesses

An abscess is a pocket of pus, which can form in any part of the body as a defensive reaction to bacterial infection, injury, wound, or presence of foreign matter, such as splinters. Abscesses may occur in the lungs, kidneys, tonsils, the brain, etc. Skin abscesses, which are called boils, most commonly appear on hands, legs, fingers, toes, under armpits, and in the groin/rectum area.

Abscesses are different from other infections. It is impossible to cure one with antibiotics alone. In order to get rid of it completely, an abscess must be opened and drained.

Dental abscesses are particularly common and cause a lot of pain and suffering if left untreated. They are caused by bacteria, growing in pre-existing cavities, and imbedding themselves into the soft tissue of the mouth. The best immediate way to relieve pain and discomfort associated with a dental abscess is to treat it with a mild solution of grapefruit seed extract. Unless the abscess is just starting to form, this will not cure it, but being such a strong antiseptic, grapefruit seed extract will at least make it bearable for a while, until one can get to the dentist and have it surgically treated. Although there is no scientific research on the subject, there exists anecdotal evidence of people having contained their dental abscesses for weeks and months at a time, using grapefruit seed extract. To use the extract, mix about 20 drops in a cup of water, and start rinsing the abscess with it. Make sure, that each time you take a sip, the mixture stays in your mouth for several minutes. The remedy is extremely bitter, but if you can handle about a cup of it, the pain should subside considerably.

To draw the infection out and get the abscess to open, one can use a poultice made of common plantain (Plantago Major). Just crush some fresh leaves and apply the bundle to the abscess. Aloe leaves work as well. Cut a larger leaf from the plant, slice it in length and crush into a poultice. Apply to the affected area and replace daily. Yet another green remedy for the same problem is cabbage leaves. Use them in the same way as the aloe.

Onions are excellent for drawing out the infection too. Bake an onion in the oven and apply half of it to the abscess while the onion is still warm. Keep in place for about 3 -4 hours, and then replace with a fresh batch.

Figs have been used to treat abscesses since time immemorial. They are actually mentioned in the Bible as a treatment used by Hezekiah to cure a boil. Figs can also be used to treat gum and teeth abscesses. Make a warm fig poultice by cutting up a fig and mashing its insides into a pulp. Put the pulp on a piece of gauze and apply to the skin in the affected area. Change four times a day.

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