Men’s Health – How To Lose Man Boobs – The Strategies and Their Pros and Cons

Surgery is not recommended for a number of reasons. Although the emotional scars of embarrassment and abuse are serious, the condition of man boobs is not what one would consider 'life threatening'. It certainly affects one's quality of life, but it is not a life or death issue for most man boob sufferers. Here are the cons relating surgery:

-human error

-does not address fitness or cardio issues

-medical misadventure

-operation costs are very high often above $ 3000

-trauma to one's body due to any surgical procedure

-potential scarring

-potential repeat operations

-rehabilitation costs

-and the significant costs of consultation and medication, both pre- and post-operative.

Here are the pros relating surgery:

-speed, an immediate solution if the operation is a complete success

Pharmaceuticals are not recommended for reason similar to those presented for surgery. Without it is a life or death issue, do you want to take the risks associated with pharmaceutical products? The cons relating pharmaceuticals are:

-cost, often recuring

-side effects


-do not address fitness and cardio issues

-human error at the manufacturer, at the pharmacy, with the patient

-medical misadventure – wrong prescription written, wrong diagnosis, poor hand writing

-not an immediate solution

And the pros:

-no need for diet or exercise.

Other medication like all natural supplements are popular and effective. These typically include a number of food based ingredients which:

-suppress appetite

-increase the metabolic rate

-help the body process insulin efficiently

-encourage the production of hormones which cause a feeling of satisfaction

-courage the production of testosterone or suppress the production of estrogen.

The cons are:

-not an immediate solution

-does not address the fitness and cardio issues.

-monthly expense

The pros are:

-all natural rebalancing of hormones

-all natural weight reduction

If the supplements are all natural, then their use in conjunction with the all natural method can be very effective.

The all natural method embraces a strategy of diet and exercise.

The pros are:

-effective exercise regimen which not only reduces chest fat and "man boobs" but moves the whole body in the direction of overall fitness.

-minimal expense

The cons are:

-not an immediate solution

-a personal commitment is necessary

It is important that you chose a strategy which fits your personality and life style. It is recommended that you chose a natural strategy of diet and exercise to lose your man boobs whether your "man boobs" source from Gynecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia. If you are not able to completely commit to a lifestyle which embracees a healthy diet and regular exercise at this time, then all natural supplements may be the strategy which is best for you. After you have achieved some weight loss goals, then you may be more enthusiastic about adopting a natural diet and a regular exercise program.

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