Medication Management With An Automatic Pill Dispenser – 4 Tips

With advanced technology, medication is in abundance and it’s no surprise that many of us today have got a whole lot of pills to take. There are medications for illnesses, health supplements and vitamins. On a daily basis, millions of the human populations are consuming so many pills, especially the elderly and those who are living with lifelong diseases.

With this, it can safely be said that many people tend to forget to take their medication or occasional forget that they have already taken it and double the dosage. To prevent this from happening to yourself or your loved ones, there are a few ways to handle medication management.

Why get an automatic pill dispenser as part of your medication management?

1. Alarm

First, there is the automatic pill dispenser with a built-in alarm. It’s a great way to remind patients to take their medicines on time and in the right amount as well. the basic automatic pill dispenser comes with 28 compartments and several different alarms which are adjustable based on the number of dosages which needs to be taken in a day.

2. Many different compartments

The 28 compartment dispenser can be used 4 times a day for a week or 2 times a day for two weeks. How you use it should completely depend on the dosage recommended by the doctor. The alarm system is a great way to manage your medication as it will ring whenever it’s time for the user to take their pills. The alarm will ring continuously for an hour and will only shut off when the pills are removed from the compartments.

3. Auto lock

If they aren’t after an hour, the compartment will move and the dosage will go to the back and it will no longer be accessible. The night ring would be for the following dosage. The alarm system usually comes with different types of tones for you to choose from and all the products have got a lighting system which will blink along with the alarm.

4. Right labelling

Besides the pill dispenser, there is also the regular and much simpler pill organizer. It’s basically just a plastic box that has got compartments with labels to indicate the days of the week. There are the one dose a day box right up to the six doses a day box. The ones that have got several doses a day, have got the time labeled on the box along with the day as well.

This feature is great because you are able to separate your medication and know which compartment to take at any time of the day. What’s great about the pill organizer is that when you’re leaving home be it to the office, outstation or even overseas, you don’t have to lug around all those pill bottles and packets.

Instead, you can invest in a weekly or monthly pill organizer, fill it up and tuck it away in your bag. It’s very handy as it’s lightweight and can be taken anywhere. In addition to that, each compartment has got a separate lid so the medication doesn’t get mixed up and they don’t spill out when you’re emptying a compartment. Medication management couldn’t get easier, so scout your options and see which works best for you. These products aren’t just purchases, but great investments.

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