Manual Or Electric Toothbrush

Like many of you, since childhood I have used a manual toothbrush. I saw my family use manual toothbrushes so you go with what you know. Manual toothbrushes alone come in many shapes and sizes. So when you decide on which toothbrush you are comfortable with, they introduce electric ones.

Now you have the dilemma of which electric toothbrush to use for there are many of them available. But the biggest problem you will face is whether to stick with your trusted manual, which has worked for you for years or switch.

I watched a program called "10 years younger" presented by Myleene Klass, which I found very informative to say the least. On this program, they supervised a demonstration. The lady dentist went into a shopping center and asked 5 passers by if they had brushed their teeth that morning. Of course they all replied yes, I mean would you say no on national TV.

She then covered the 5 volunteer's teeth with a blue dentist dye. She asked them to rinse and the blue dye showed that the darker the dye, the more build up of plaque there was on the teeth. The volunteers looked in the mirror with disgust.

I totally understand, you have brushed your teeth and then you find out that the brushing has not done a proper job. The dentist then got an electric toothbrush and used it on the dark blue plaqued teeth; you could see the plaque being brushed away. It would be great to able use a blue dye, in the morning to see if you were doing a good job. You must remember your toothbrush is just a tool it's the user who needs to know how to use it to get the best results.

With so many toothbrushes on the market I can understand the public getting confused. There are rules on how to brush, how long to brush and which toothbrush to use. But consider the advertisements they are only pushing the benefits of their products support. To get a proper, professional opinion talk to your dentist, they are by far the best person to listen to. They are there to look after your teeth and keep them health. Some people may have sensitive gums and by using an electric brush could cause more harm than good. Your dentist knows best and they may even direct you to the brand of brush ideal for your teeth needs. Get the best advice you can before you make up your mind to switch or stay the same.

So there you have it. Manual or electric- ask your dentist.

Happy brushing!

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