Lumineers: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Cosmetic dentistry offers a lot of options to patients who want to change something about their smile. From whitening to straightening and everything in between, you no longer have to be satisfied with what nature has seen fit to give you. In an age where a person is judged (and judged harshly, sometimes) by how their teeth look, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a smile you can be proud of. One of the most exciting options for those who want to do something about their teeth comes in the form of Lumineers. You may have heard them talked about before. Here's what they're all about.

A Special Brand of Veneers

Lumineers are a specific brand of dental veneers. They are designed differently than the average application, however. They use special bonding techniques, which allow them to be constructed in a much thinner way than traditional veneers. These bonding techniques give them additional strength, which permits the thin application. It is this thinner construction that provides them with their primary benefit over the other kinds of veneers. If you've never worn veneers, you may not realize what a difference this thickness can make in their comfort level. The thinner, the better, but only if there is no sacrifice of strength involved.

The Materials

It's a common misconception that what sets Lumineers apart is the material they made from. Actually, they are designed using the same materials used in other veneers. It is the bonding process that sets them apart. The materials used are typically porcelain, which is then mixed with other materials that accurately creates a coating that can be used seamlessly in your smile. The bonding material itself is a special kind of resin cement which forms a bond that can last upwards of two decades. Make no mistake about it, these applications are designed to last.


Because there are steep differences in price according to where you live, the dentist you choose, and several other factors, it can be difficult to prescribe a cost estimate for someone interested in the procedure. Generally speaking, Lumineers are cheaper than traditional options for veneers. This is because the tooth preparation is less extensible. As a very broad range, you can expect them to cost somewhere in the $ 1000 range per application, although you can certainly find dentists which prices will be both above and below that figure. Make your decision based not only on price quotes, but on the reputation of the dentist.

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