Looking For the Best Dentist? 3 Easy Steps in Selecting the Top Local Dentist

I was in search of the best Dentist, Gaithersburg could offer. That's where it all started.

I was new to the area, and unfortunately, I made some bad choices of dentists before I finally realized there is a science to finding the best local dentist in Gaithersburg, Md. I'll share with you the three steps you absolutely should take to best position you in finding your life-long dentist.

  1. Go to Google and search the term, Dentist Gaithersburg or "Dentist yourcity" What you'll find is a couple pages of scholars that have taken the time to put their information on the web. Now you may ask, "so what?" Admittedly, a website does not guarantee anything, but hear me out. There was a time when websites could mislead and deceive the general public, but thanks to the advent of the citizen journalist, and social media on the Internet, shady Dentists will be exposed in a heart beat. What you'll want to do in this step is visit a couple of their sites. Look for the technology standards they use, and areas that they specialize in. If they are ranked well in Google, its a good possibility that others have endorsed that dentist's site with a link, meaning they are probably endorsing him / her.
  2. Next, do the same search for, Dentist Gaithersburg or Dentist yourcity in Yahoo search and MSN Search.

    What you're doing here is cross validating any information across different search engines to see if any other dental offices in your area surface in the less used, but still often popular search engines. Once you have completed these dentist searches, you are likely to have a couple of preliminary dentist names pique your interest. Write them down and follow the next step.

  3. Lastly, use Google, Yahoo, and MSN to search the actual Dentist's name to look for reviews. Here's the point we talked about in step one. With the advent of social media sites like Myspace and Facebook, along with the review sites that pepper the Internet, its potentially impossible for a dentist in Gaithersburg to hide from a bad reputation. Think about it … If you have a bad experience with a Dentist, you are likely not afraid to make that known with the anonymity the Internet provides. When I completed this search on my new dentist, I was so grateful to see the reviews actually underestimate my dentist's abilities.

In fact, I was so impressed, I actually set up a review page for the best dentist in Gaithersburg , so others who complete the same searches can find him as well. You can read the review on that page to see just how happy I was to find such a great dentist.

In closing, use the Internet wisely, for your benefit. There is tons of user created content that help us make faster, more informed decisions than ever before in history. And best of all, its free! Hope you find a dentist like I did here in Gaithersburg Md.

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