London Dentist – A Dentist Who Can Bring Relief

Gripping your cheek with pain you stab out the request for help – please find me a London Dentist who can cure the agony without causing a deaf pain in the bank balance. Returned is a massive attack of confusion. Why?

How confused can you get?
Confusion happens because so much information is returned. Your throbbing molar has sent the search engines into overdrive, or to be exact sent the skills of those who try to manipulate these results into a bull ring. Firstly if you enter London the search engines assume you are thinking about the City of Westminster, ironically not the City of London nor Charing Cross or Hyde Park Corner – the traditional milestone centers of measurement to London. This is result is possibly because here is the location of the West End, which is mostly known for shopping, the entertainment industry, very expensive homes and Harley Street – the location of exclusive medical care.

On a recent search this wondrous selection system found in third place, a company that has not even got a Central London phone number and is in fact encouraging people to go to Poland for treatment! Not too easy for traveling in an emergency.

How to solve your searching excesses?
So when you search; be specific – if you want your dentist near your home or near your work identify the exact location, which will shorten the list. You must also think about what you want done. I know I have been using the example of a throbbing tooth but the best way of stopping that emergency is by going to the dentist on a regular basis. Read on, I am not going to lecture about teeth cleaning and flossing – I still have not mastered the trick of flossing and not dribbling at the same time like a two year old.

Prevention prevents the long time in the chair
The pains in the gum – you only feel when the problem has gone too far. Teeth are funny things which we tend to ignore how to take care of them until they bite back with pain. It is no use believing the smart ads on the television where a model with perfect teeth barely blows mouthwash across her lips and the next moment is sitting at a café enjoying the sugary delights without a care in the world.

In reality she is probably a regular visitor to a dentist in Harley Street, after all her livelihood depends on a great smile and those expensive visits will all be tax deductable. She probably does clean her teeth for the full three minutes and then flosses for another few minutes before doing the full minute of mouthwash – and gets paid a fortune for that great smile.

So once you have the pain subsided you resolve to be king of the three times a day dental cleanliness but you have to find that illusive London Dentist now!

Tips to end your searching.
Sort out where you want your dentist to be, entering a post code is a great limiter of the vast list. From our experience post codes are the best because people tend to bend the truth. So Kensington can deliver anything from the smart streets just north of Kensington High Street and the Borough of Camden stretches from leafy Hampstead to some quite nasty bits by the market.

You must also not be affected by the various treatment specialties – they can come later once you have reduced the pain. Look on line to see whether the dentist has spent their time and money on fancy branding and tricky vanities or on helpful advice to his patients – now make your choice and book in!

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