Liteboxer VR Elevates the Bare-Knuckle Boxing Experience for Fun-Filled Fitness Session (Review)

While The Matrix became one of the most definitive films of our time exploring virtual realities, the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment has only expanded since the groundbreaking 1999 offering. Immersive reality has since grown into a force well beyond movies to benefit education, science, health and wellness — the latter becoming a helpful tool for so many, especially amid the pandemic. 

But as exercise comes naturally to some, it’s a different story for others. Sure, we all crave the endorphins Elle Woods speaks highly of that make you happy, but it can be tedious with how the world is today. To help ease the constraints of time and work, VR fitness has emerged, with Liteboxer leading the way for a genuinely engaging, beneficial immersive experience.

With the demands of the world and many still playing it safe, consumers can now break a real sweat — and we mean, REAL — in the virtual boxing ring as the at-home fitness company, Liteboxer launches its Liteboxer VR for Meta Quest following its highly talked about CES debut this past winter. Combining patented hardware with game dynamics, a smash hit music catalog and expert training with the world’s most immersive workouts, Liteboxer VR for the Meta Quest platform is non-stop fun and got a chance to review the product over 30 days.

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Through its mission to provide users with the most engaging at-home experience ever, Liteboxer’s foray into virtual reality takes fitness to another level. Based on its real-world counterpart — a $1,695 system that includes a six-zoned punching wall with a floor stand — Liteboxer VR encourages users to dance to their own with customizable workouts featuring a plethora of classes with different lengths, styles and levels. The best thing about the Liteboxer VR experience is how it offers a more affordable and transportable experience for those with smaller spaces, not to mention the ease of setup. If you already have a Liteboxer subscription, which is $29 per month, you can access the VR workouts for free. However, if you’re VR-only, it will cost $18.99 per month

Suppose you want a more personal experience filled with consistency too. In that case, Liteboxer VR also offers a roster of expert trainers, who help to build life-changing habits for form and consistency, and target core needs for your boxing experience with workout classes. This part has been enjoyable because there are many different classes and options in the app with two different kinds of workouts you can choose: trainer classes and quickplay. Trainer classes include boxing, sparring, and sessions focusing on building and restoring. The quickplay, which I am often engaging in due to time, is punch tracks and freestyle.

Like Liteboxer’s hardware system, the VR app allows you to hit six circular targets to the beat of a song — also known as “punch tracks,” and these are incredibly fun. By far my favorite! Not generic tunes or that EDM-like stock music, these are legit songs you will find from artists like Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and lots more. There are 100 rotating punch tracks to choose from each month and Liteboxer offers you the chance to create and customize your own workout playlists. Taking inspiration from our favorite ’90s games like Dance Dance Revolution, this is a lot like that but with your fists instead of your feet. Additionally, these beat-based workouts are immersive throughout the VR experience thanks to real-time results, LED runway lights, and a growing library.

To make it all the more competitive, you receive scores based on the accuracy of your hits and be part of a leader board. Like Peloton, Liteboxer allows you to engage through a more social aspect, letting you compete with others who can score points and even set up challenges with other users. If you’re up for it, too, you can get head-to-head with other Liteboxer VR users for virtual sparring sessions.


Per Liteboxer, users can also put down their touch controllers as the app fully supports Meta Quest’s hand-tracking technology for a purer shadow boxing experience. The punch track workouts might be a personal favorite because they are suitable for keeping things at your own pace between four levels and an excellent way to just lose yourself in the music when you need it most.

One of the best parts of this whole thing, which is personally welcomed is how bare-bones everything is. There are no distracting visuals or out-of-this-world kinds of graphics. It is all very centered and situated within its world that focuses on you and your pacing, making it all very simplistic. The gameplay, which is also hypnotic at times as it strengthens your hand/eye coordination, is fun and keeps you very motivated. 

Moreover, Liteboxer VR is a full-body, cardio and strength exercise that targets every major muscle group with jabs, crosses, and left and right uppercuts to build upper body strength through a very entertaining physicality. If you get the stance correct too, you will also build muscle for glute, core, and leg strength as you bob and weave for a sharper form and technique. Boxing for a month has also reduced stress levels, encouraged better sleep, and honed mental functioning. It is incredibly empowering and exciting.

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$18.99 per month with a 7-day free trial

Liteboxer VR offers an addictive full-body exercise that everyone can enjoy no matter their age or fitness level, and with the 600+ workouts with difficulty options for everyone, from beginners to experienced boxers, it is an excellent gift for you and your friends this spring!

Free to download, Liteboxer features a demo where users can test the app with four-punch tracks and three workout classes. While the demo is available to play five times, the features will no longer be available once the limit has been reached. For those looking to get the most out of their Liteboxer sessions, sign up for a monthly membership that allows you access to the app’s 400 classes and punch tracks with new content added daily. The subscription comes with a seven-day free trial. After that, it costs $18.99 per month

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