Is the Answer to a Cure For Bacterial Vaginosis in Modern Medicine Or Natural Treatments?

Search for cures for bacterial vaginosis, we are hit with many choices. Not all are very good. Some can be more effective than others, but most don’t work well at all. Those that work to a marginal degree actually only put off the effects until a later date. Others still, can have no effect at all, or even make matters worse. For instance, the chemically based over the counter medications seem to appear to work on the surface, but they actually only mask the symptoms. Some medications can unfortunately make matters worse. When all of these miss the mark, the next step taken is usually to go to see the doctor. Most likely, the doctor will simply prescribe stronger medication, hoping that he or she can provide cures for totally remedying bacterial vaginosis.

And what does the doctor first prescribe? Usually, it’s just the same old medication we hat bought over the counter, but in a higher strength (and at a higher price). Once this had failed, the doctor will then inevitably prescribe antibiotics. Do these work well? Well, yes, but only for a few weeks at best. You see, antibiotics are hardly what would count as being among the cures for bacterial vaginosis… it’s more truthful to say that it destroys everything in its path. What these are used to do is to simply kill everything. They kill the bad bacteria, yes, but they also kill off all of the beneficial bacteria which exist within us to help our immune system battle foreign bacteria and viruses, keeping them from infecting us. Consider this – the word “antibiotic” literally means “against life”.

What results, is that while the bad bacteria may be killed off, so is the beneficial bacteria which helps our bodies heal themselves and combats foreign germs and bacteria when they invade our bodies. This lays everything bare for bad bacteria to return full force, thriving in an unprotected environment, confronting absolutely no resistance. This is precisely the reason why it seems to go away at first, but returns worse than before, when the doctor gives us antibiotics. We take them, we seem to get better, and then some weeks later, the result is much worse than when you visited the doctor’s office in the first place. Pretty wonderful stuff, eh? The fault is in relying on the use of a system of medicine which goes after the symptoms but does little or nothing towards defeating the cause. The use of antibiotics is far too much of a reckless slash and burn method to be considered being among cures for anything, even bacterial vaginosis.

It is mainly for this reason, the failure of modern medical science, which many have looked to the use of herbal remedies and natural cures to treat the many ailments that modern medicine seems to fall terribly short at. Naturopathic medicine doesn’t just cover over the symptoms as modern drugs do, but seeks to affect the cause. It does so naturally, using essential oils, or herbs, or teas and etc., which are much more easily accepted into our bodies, and are non-intrusive to our delicate bodily systems. What’s more is the fact that natural medications, by their own nature, have no side effects. So if you wish to find cures for bacterial vaginosis, look towards Nature. She always knows best.

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