Implant Dentistry – 9 Myths Explained

Of all cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry are the most sought after treatment. Over the last few years, implant dentistry has become so popular that more and more people are opting to improve their appearance, confidence and smile.

This type of dentistry is mainly used in replacing a missing tooth. However, apart from replacing a missing tooth, implants also improves your smile, self confidence, looks, and the way you speak.

Before you decide to have implant dentistry done, take a look at the following 9 myths explained.

1. Any dentist can perform the procedure Implant dentistry is a very technique-sensitive and skilled procedure that requires several years of practicing to perfect. Most people think that all dentists can place implants, where in fact, only periodontists and oral surgeons are trained for this during their schooling. These are the only dental specialists you need to consider when you require implant dentistry.

2. Dental implants require heavy maintenance

They function the same way as normal teeth and therefore, require no more maintenance as the surrounding teeth. Regular brushing and flossing should do the trick.

3. The placement of implants is painful

The fact is, if done correctly, implant dentistry can be one of the least painful procedures. During the placement of dental implants, the patient remains under anesthesia, so the procedure is essentially pain free. However, during recovery, patients may experience mild soreness and discomfort near the affected area. This is temporary.

4. Implant dentistry is costly

Dental implants are not cheap. However, taking into consideration, that the implants are designed to last a lifetime, not only is it an affordable treatment option, but also a great investment.

5. Dental implants are not for old people

Implants are just as successful in older patients as in youngger patients. In fact, dental implants are more popular along the older crowd.

6. Implant dentistry is a relatively new procedure

This type of dentistry was innovated and performed successfully back in the late 1960s.

7. Dental implants costs more than dental bridges

Yes, the initial upfront payment for implants is more expensive. However, the long term savings are sure to make up for it. Dental bridges usually needs to be replaced every 10 years, where dental implants are made to last a lifetime.

8. Dental implants take a long time to complete

Most implant procedures are usually completed within a 3 month time period. However, in some cases, dental implants can also be completed within one single visit to your dentist.

9. You have to replace every missing tooth

If you are missing more than one tooth, you do not need need dental implants for each and every single one of your missing teeth. In some cases, implants can be spaced apart so that when they are restored, they can replace multiple teeth.

Before meeting with your dentist to discuss the implant procedure and treatment, make sure you understand the above mentioned misconceptions associated with implant dentistry.

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