How to Stop the Giggles

The first way to stop the giggles is the most obvious. Think of something serious: something that isn’t even remotely funny. It doesn’t have to be something that will make you sad, but definitely something that will sober your thoughts and help you to stop.

A laughing fit in an inappropriate place, such as a funeral or company meeting can be very embarrassing. It may help you to stop from laughing in an inappropriate situation such as this if you remind yourself before going into the situation that it’s not an appropriate place to laugh. This will help you maintain a more serious and somber mood, and therefore stop from laughing.

If you’re having an uncontrollable giggle fit, and you want to stop, try counting to ten, then backwards from ten, and to ten again. Sometimes this can help you stop by laughing by getting your mind focused on something else.

One method that has almost always worked is to do math in your head. Start doing multiplication tables over and over. This, like the counting method, gets your mind focused on something other than laughing so you can calm down!

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to remove yourself, if possible, from a situation or near a person who’s making it easier for you to giggle.

As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. But laughing isn’t always appropriate. Everyone should know how to stop laughing when in a serious or somber situation. Not being able to stop laughing can make you look bad (for example at a business meeting) or look insensitive (at a funeral).

The methods discussed here are proven methods to stop you from laughing, and hopefully will help you stop giggling when you need to be serious.