How To Pocket A Few Bucks After Visiting The Dentist

What an outrageous statement! You’re probably wondering “how in the world could anyone possibly make money by visiting the dentist.” Well, it’s not as outrageous of a statement as you may think. Read on and learn.

The first way for this to work you’ll need to have an issue that needs to be taken care by by visiting the dentist such as a crown, root canal or some type of major issue that needs to be cared for.

It’s actually very simple. If you are suffering from a painful condition that requires a root canal then you eventually must see a dentist, either for the root canal or an extraction. I’ll share another secret with you. You’ll only be able to get just so many teeth pulled before you’re drinking your food from a straw, in which case, you’ll be needing dentures and then I’ll be right anyway because you’ll have to pay for the dentures instead of the root canal.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to purchase yourself what’s called a “dental discount plan.” This type of dental plan, while not dental insurance, will allow you to save a substantial amount of money simply by paying cash to your dentist at the time of your visit.

Most of these discount plans pay anywhere from ten to sixty percent, depending on the procedure performed.

This is how it will work for you. The average cost of a good dental discount plan is around $110.00 for a single person and around $150.00 for the entire family for a full year. For this example, I’m going to use the higher rate of $150.00.

Alright, the average cost of a root canal is around $829.00. This is the amount that you WOULD HAVE had to spend. The average cost of a root canal when you have a discount card, and pay cash at the dentist, is only around $500.00. So let’s add the $500.00 discounted price to the $150.00 cost of the discount plan. $500.00 plus $150.00 = $650.00. This is what you’ll now have to pay the dentist to get your root canal taken care of. Subtract what you would have had to pay, if I hadn’t brought this opportunity to your attention, and you’ve just pocketed $179.00.

How did I figure that amount you say? Because you WOULD HAVE paid an average of $829.00 in order to get that procedure performed. I showed you a way to get the same procedure done, by a fully qualified dentist, for only $650.00, including the cost of the discount plan. That’s a difference of $179.00.

Now let’s say that you don’t get the root canal taken care of, which wouldn’t be very smart, but we’ll figure it anyway.

For one thing, you’re going to eventually have to have several tooth extractions performed if you don’t take care of your teeth. Multiply that by four for a family of four.

Eventually, you’ll be forced to purchase dentures. Dentures can be extremely costly. That’s why it is so important to take care of your teeth in order to prevent having them all pulled. However, in some cases it’s already to late.

Dentures cost an average of $1250.00 for the upper denture alone. Most Prosthodontists are not cheap. However, you can ease the financial “pain” by purchasing the dental discount plan.

Example, the average cost for your upper dentures alone is around $700.00. If you add on the cost of the discount plan then it adds up to be $850.00. Subtract $850.00 from the $1250.00 that you WOULD HAVE spent and I just put $400.00 in your pocket. That’s just for the upper dentures. You’ll save more on the lower ones, when you need them.

Also, any other dental procedures that you or your family have done in the next year will be done at a substantially discounted rate. This could potentially add up to thousands of dollars in savings when you include x-rays, check ups, fillings, braces, oral specialists and much, much more.

If you don’t have any type of dental coverage for yourself or your family then I highly recommend that you look into purchasing a good dental discount plan. Nothing like getting paid to visit the dentist.

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