How To Ease Tooth Pain Until You Can Get To The Dentist

Toothaches can be pretty miserable. If you have toothache it is hard to eat or drink or do anything else with your mouth. These things only push the pain farther so that it is almost unbearable. Unfortunately though, you have to eat and drink to stay alive. It is not like you can just stop because you have a toothache. People will go months or even years with bad teeth sometimes before they make it to the dentist. Maybe you do not have enough money right then to pay for it. Maybe you hate the dentist so you would rather live with the pain then to have to go to the dentist. Neverheless, it is very important that you make and appointment and go. If you can not get there right away, here are some things you can do to ease the pain during the time period before you make it to the dentist:

One of the most common and most tried ways to ease the pain is by using cloves or clove oil. Cloves are supposedly to work wonders when it comes to easter toothache pain. There are many people who use cloves. All you do is take out a few and put them between your cheek and the infected tooth. Sometimes you will have to chew them a little to get their juices flowing. Clove oil can also work well. You have to be careful with clove oil because too much of it can damage your teeth. But if you ask a pharmacist they can give you a safe, over-the-counter type of clover oil that would not be harmful. Both these things will help to ease your toothache pain.

Another thing many people do is take Ibuprophen. Ibuprophen is a great medicine for easing pain, not matter what kind of pain you are in. Just like it works for broken bones and painful bruises, Ibuprophen can help to ease your toothache pains. You obviously do not want to overdose, but there are safe amounts to take. If you want extra pain relief you can also hold a hot pack to your look after you take Ibuprophen. Adding heat will help your toothache to calm and not hurt as bad. Combined with Ibuprophen your teeth should do really well.

Something else that people will use is garlic. They use garlic cloves and such in the same way they use other cloves. They chew on them or just hold them in their mouths. Obviously not every option will work for everyone and this is one of those that does not always work for everyone, but it is a great idea to try if you are having pretty bad tooth pain.

The last thing that may help and usually works for other people is salt water. Salt water cleans out and disinfects the tooth. It may ache at first but after a few minutes the salt water should ease the pain. If none of these things work for you there are still more things you can try. These things can be found out by asking other people as well as looking online. There are many people who are more than willing to share their remedies with you.

Ultimately, the best remedy will be to go see the dentist as soon as you can. The dentist will be able to work wonders for your teeth. You should do everything in your power to get there. While you wait maybe you could call your dentist and get his opinion on what remedies you can take while you waiting. The dentist would probably know better than anyone.

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