How to Control Blood Sugar Levels Without Medicine

People may tell that it is very difficult to control the Glucose levels without medication. But it is possible with dietary restrictions and lifestyle changes.

The following are the some of the important tips to control the blood sugar levels.


Diet is the first thing comes to mind when we talking about reduce the blood sugar levels. Take less carbohydrates and foods must have low glycemic index with moderate levels of protein and fiber. And take very a small amount of food, avoid bulky eating of meals.

Drinking Water

Drinking water can also help in reducing the diabetes sugar levels. Diabetics are advised to drink plenty of water daily. And it does not mean drinking any other fluids like soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Just take plenty of water everyday.

Eating fruits

Eating fruits should be preferred rather than taking other bulky meals, taking fruits which has citric acids helps to reduce the weight so that the blood glucose levels are in control. Rose apple, Apple, Grapefruit, Orange and all citrus fruits are really helpful to reduce the blood sugar levels.


Exercises are really important in order to control the diabetes glucose levels. Playing games like badminton can do the magic of reducing the blood sugar in quite a small period of time. Asanas also helps to reduce the blood sugar, walking and light jogging helps a lot for circulation, this controls the blood sugar and maintain in a steady state.

Herbal tea

Instead of taking ordinary tea or coffee herbal tea helps the diabetics to lower blood sugar levels. A natural herbal tea acts like a blood sugar blocker, it usually known as Green tea. It will manage and keeps the blood sugar and control them in consistent levels when we take food are snacks which has the lot of Glucose in it. Do not take this as advantage and take too much of Glucose contained food. This green tea should be taken many times a day, and 3-4 times are advisable.

Avoid processed foods

Avoiding all kind of processed and tinned foods helps control the blood sugar levels. And avoiding foods which gives a lot of weight also helps to control blood sugar levels. And artificial sweeteners which are usually used in fruit juices must be avoided. Always take fresh and cooked foods that also with lower glycemic index.

These are all the tips that help to control the blood sugar levels in a normal amount without any medicines.