How Much Does an Effective Tooth Whitening Cost and Which is the Best?

A beautiful smile flashing sparkling white teeth is the dream of many. That is the reason why so many people now a days are going for teeth whitening treatments. However, before going in for these treatments it is not out of place to ask about the tooth whitening cost, and whether the treatments are worth the money. Well, I hope the following paragraphs will help you form an idea whether a tooth whitening is within your budget or not.

If you are really serious about whitening your teeth and want it to glow for a long time, you may go in for a laser teeth whitening treatment. And yes, you have guessed it right. This treatment is expensive. It should be carried out only after consulting your dentist as only he can tell you whether you are qualified for this treatment. This in – office treatment discolors your teeth by removing the brown and yellow stains from your teeth. This process, although has certain disadvantages, is very effective in whitening your teeth within a short period of time. Depending upon the area of ​​the country where you live and the type of whitening treatment you want to undergo, laser teeth whitening costs may vary. Usually, the complete procedure would cost you $ 1000. In general, the number of in-office dental treatments is the main decay factor behind the cost of teeth whitening. It should also be noted that, dental insurance does not typically cover the costs of teeth whitening.

Another method of teeth whitening is custom fit tray bleaching. This in – home treatment requires you to wear a tray over your teeth for near about one to two hours per day. Some amount of bleaching gel should be placed inside the tray. Within a couple of days you should be able to see the results. The complete whitening of your teeth may require another one to two weeks. In most cases, this effective method of teeth whitening would cost you about $ 500. This cost may be inclusive or exclusive to the number of visits to the dentist office. Costs may vary with the kind of whitening treatment undergone by you and the area of ​​the country in which you live.

Now, let us talk about the more inexpensively and easily available options. Cost of whitening toothpastes vary between 3 to 7 dollars. This is useful for mechanical removal of stains while brushing.

You can also purchase over – the – counter bleaching products to whiten your teeth for cheap. Whitening strips or applicators and dental tray are required to apply them on your teeth. 25 – 35 dollars is the cost of each pack of whitening strip. The standard cost of the home trays is 50 dollars which may vary with the place from which you buy them. You can use certain teeth whitening kits at home which would cost you about 100 to 400 dollars.

Now, you have a fair idea on which treatment you would like to go for depending on your budget. The cheaper options can give you a beautiful smile at really affordable prices. On the other hand, the expensive options can maintain that smile for a longer period of time. So it is up to you to choose.

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