How many hours should you exercise each day?

In the world today, the benefits of exercising are being publicized as people are encouraged to exercise properly. It is expected that when proper exercise is combined with healthy eating and lifestyle, an individual will be able to live a longer and more productive life. Eating healthy entails eating food and taking drinks that are good for your body. Reading healthy diets companies’ reviews can help you get healthy food while reading Giordano Wines UK can help you know about the health benefits of wine and where to buy them.

Apart from the fact that there are many things that we need our time for, there is also the fact that too much of everything is bad. Hence, even if we have all the time in the world, it is often said that too much of everything is bad. It doesn’t mean that you are going to be exercising all day.

How much time should you exercise each day?

Several factors could determine how much you should exercise daily. The 2 most important of those factors are age and the type of exercise you are engaging in. hence, it is suggested that a teenager should exercise for an hour daily while an adult should exercise for 2.5 hours weekly. The 2.5 hours to 5 hours weekly for an adult is applicable when they are involved in physical activity with moderate intensity like gardening, dancing or brisk walking. However, if they are engaged in more rigorous activities like jumping rope, aerobic dancing, and jogging; an hour 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes weekly is believed to be okay. Hence, you might want to take the 2 days that you are least busy and share the time for your weekly exercise as an adult evenly.

Why do people exercise?

The major reason people exercise is for the sake of their weight, health and to keep fit. Many people want to either lose weight or maintain their weight. They understand that not exercising will made them add weight and they want to prevent that. Hence, they exercise to maintain their weight if they are okay with it or with the hope of reducing their weight if they already feel overweight.

In terms of health, exercising is believed to activate processes in the body that will make the body organs continue to function efficiently. People also advertise to be fit to carry out their daily activities. Lack of exercise would reduce the physical endurance limit of individuals and they might not be able to engage in physical or strenuous activities for a very long time. This could reduce their productivity or put them in danger.

Is there anything like too much exercise?

Yes, excessive exercising is bad. Excessive exercise could be defined as engaging in vigorous exercises for a long time. For example, running at a very fast pace for a long distance over 3 times a week is believed to put a person at risk of death as though they were not exercising at all. The implication is that too much exercise seems to reverse the effect of exercising. Some of the conditions that an individual could get from extreme endurance exercise such as ultra-marathons include enlarged arteries, heart rhythm disorders, and heart damage.

Another example is the fact that women who are physically active for at least once weekly are at a lesser risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. However, when they engage in strenuous exercise daily, risk of stroke and heart attacks increased significantly. Hence, even in exercising, it is important to engage in it moderately for the best results.

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