How Chinese Medicine Gives You Real Hope For Healing Fibromyalgia

Barbara thought about ending it all because her intense pain kept getting worse

When medications did not stop her daily chronic pains, she thought about ending her suffering for good. She was deeply disappointed after zillions of tests, years of different pain medications, and exhausting herself in exercise programs. She could not bear an unending future of wet weather aches, cold winters wracking her body with pain, and nights of restless sleep. Fortunately, her daughter kept looking for a solution.

How she found a solution that her doctors did not know about

Her daughter worked for one of the largest health care organizations in the US. However, she found a solution outside of her big corporation. On an internet search, her daughter found a local healing center that had experience in treating fibromyalgia.

A new way to heal the daily chronic pain of Fibromyalgia

Instead of receiving more medications, Barbara found someone who could help reinvigorate her own natural healing abilities. She got something that she did not expect on the first treatment.

Her pain was nearly gone from her body

After years of disappointments; she could barely believe that at the end of her first session her body had 60% less aches and pains. In some areas, the pain had disappeared completely. A knee with a replacement joint still ached. As she continued treatment, she found healing for her aches and pains that had accumulated over the years.

Why fibromyalgia causes pain

If you ask ten different doctors, you will get ten different answers as to what causes fibromyalgia pain. Why? Experts in physiology, infectious disease, and pain management talk about theories like: stress, neurotransmitters, disturbed sleep, hormonal imbalances, trauma, illnesses like Lyme disease, or a combination disorder. It affects multiple systems and can not be traced to a problem in a single system.

After years of struggling with pain, clients get frustrated or lose hope. However, clients like Barbara are seeing great results using Chinese Medicine.

How Chinese medicine treats fibromyalgia pain

Chinese Medicine looks at fibromyalgia as a problem with the functioning of the whole body as well as in specific systems. For thousands of years, Chinese medical texts have described successful treatments for illnesses similar to fibromyalgia.

One cause of fibromyalgia pain is described as, "Excess dampness." Dampness is defined as a substance that moistens different systems in the body. Excess internal dampness causes pain and fatigue. Rainy weather can increase internal dampness which flares up your fibromyalgia symptoms. Excess dampness can also show up as a yeast, bacterial, or viral infection. As microorganisms and their waste products accumulate in your muscles and joints, you feel more pain and fatigue.

How can you get excess dampness out?

How can you keep it from coming back?

Strategies for resolving painful dampness

There are three strategies for eliminating excess fibromyalgia dampness. 1. Modify your diet in two ways: A. Add food that drains excess dampness and B. Remove food that produces more dampness. 2. Strengthen your internal ability to drain dampness. 3. Detoxify waste products and metals out of your body. These changes can lead to rapid improvements in your energy level, quality of sleep, mental clarity, and chronic pain reduction. Food can have a big impact on your pain and fatigue.

1. A. Increase your intake of food that reduces dampness

Below are food to eat that dry out excess dampness and reduce aches and fatigue. I highly recommend getting organically grown or minimally processed versions of these food:

Barley, rye, amaranth, alfalfa sprouts, corn

Celery, lettuce, turnips, kohlrabi

Seaweeds like nori, wakame

Raw goats milk

Raw honey

White pepper, pau d'arco, chamomile


1. B. Reduce your intake of food that creates more dampness

Below are food to not eat that can increase painful dampness in muscles and joints:

Soy products

Dairy products

Products made from wheat, breads, pasta, desserts

Fried food, fatty meats

Desserts, soda, candy, sweetened drinks, sweetened food

Alcoholic beverages

Highly processed food like hot dogs with nitrates, food with lots of preservatives or additives, artificially sweetened food.

Changing your diet often requires an adjustment period for you to let go of familiar comfort or quick energy foods. As you feel better, eating these foods gets much easier. Draining excess dampness out of your body helps too.

2. Strengthen your ability to eliminate dampness

You can enhance your ability to drain painful dampness from muscles and joints through acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs. With less dampness in your body, you feel less pain and fatigue. You feel even better when the toxic waste products of harmful organisms are removed from your system.

3. Detoxify toxins and metals out of your system

The waste products from infectious organisms accumulate as toxins in your blood, muscles, and joints. Your immune system can not effectively fight against infectious organisms with toxins and harmful metals are in your body. You also feel better and have more energy when these toxins and metals are out of your system. Reducing or stopping the use of tobacco or recreational chemical substances helps to detoxify your system.

These strategies work together to eliminate excess dampness out of your body which relieves your pain and your fatigue.

Draining excess dampness leads to pain relief

You feel much lighter and energized, as you clear out unhealthy dampness through acupuncture treatment, herbs, detoxification, and dietary changes. As your muscles and joints get cleaned of unhealthy gunk, your pain decreases too. You sleep better and feel hope for the first time in years. The real test is seeing how you react to the next rainstorm.

Is your treatment helping you to pass the rainy day test?

After a few weeks of treatment, some clients have much less pain and fat during wet weather. Some report that they can run errands without debilitating discomfort. As you eliminate excess dampness, you have much less pain and discomfort and can start resuming normal activities. This change helped Barbara to have new hope for her future.

From wanting to end it all to getting your life back

When Barbara saw a future of unending daily chronic pain and fatigue, she thought about ending it all. When she had days of little pain or fatigue, she had a new hope for a future free from daily chronic fibromyalgia pain. She has returned to social activities, started home renovation projects, and went through a winter with her electric blanket on a setting of '' 5. ''

You can get your hope back by implementing the right combination of dietary changes, detoxification, and treatment with a Chinese medicine practitioner.

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