Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill – When Features Are More Than the Price

Horizon Fitness T-101 is a perfect answer when you are looking for an inexpensive treadmill. You can easily find it in department stores, sport stores, or even in online stores. The primary feature of this treadmill is the 20 x 55 inches running surface which is suitable for people with average weight and height. It can load up to maximum of 275 pounds weight user. Like other Horizon treadmill series, this treadmill is also equipped with attractive speakers and MP3 dock.

However, you should remember one thing about Horizon Fitness T-101. Because of its inexpensive price, it has fewer features to offer compared to the high end treadmills. But, you don’t have to worry about it. This treadmill guarantees a high quality product despite of the price. For less expensive equipment, this treadmill offers too many great features.

The Horizon Fitness T-101 has many fascinating features like incline set-up feature, Excellent LED monitor, heart rate monitor, speed controller, etc. The incline set-up feature enables you to set different target for each part of body’s muscles. You can also improve the levels of training programs with the incline up to 10%. Another exciting feature is the orange monitor LED display to manage the workout progress. It is also programmed with 9 different exercise training programs. To satisfy people who love to run, Horizon Fitness T-101 has maximum pace up to 10 mph. This treadmill provides heart rate monitor as well so there is no need for any other equipment. The heart rate monitor will help you in deciding whether to run faster or slow down.

The additional extraordinary feature of Horizon Fitness T-101 is a cooling fan. Those who don’t want to drench in sweat, can use the cooling fan feature to cool down the high body temperature. Another extraordinary feature is this treadmill can be folded and it will fit in the compartment or even under the bed. So you don’t need to worry it will take a lot of space when put into storage. It also has 2.25 horses power of motor; very suitable for light jogging and fast walking. Also, Horizon Fitness T-101 comes with a good warranty. There are one year warranty for labor and parts and a lifetime for motor and frame.

At last, Horizon Fitness T-101 is very compatible only for warming up or regular home exercises. This treadmill is not designed for advanced or even professional running athletes. Overall, Horizon Fitness T-101 gives many features that are worth more than the price.

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